Alluring Kennedy Paris

Bonjour! It's Laura from Something Legit. 
Ah, don't you just love Paris? 
Okay I absolutely love Paris. 
I love the atmosphere, the culture, the personality, and of course the dudes. Just look at these dudes...

street style
[image source: Khaki| Hat | Blazer | Trench | Tee]

I don't even know what to call it. 
Refined and Relaxed?
Whatever it is its working. 
From fitted jeans, blazers, plain shirts,and effortless coiffures...
I'm smitten..

Have you met these gentlemen?

gaspard and cyril
[image source: gaspard  1.2.3.cyril 1.2]

Meet Gaspard and Cyril.
I first met them in Paris Je T'aime.
I didn't forget them.

Check out these pieces. 
Great staples that could be paired with a $5 basic anything.

You can't go wrong with denim+bomber+white tee

pants+white tee+blazer

simple equation of awesome
{no big deal}


  1. Tres bien!!! Love the men, love the looks and ps, I think I looove the name Gaspard- is that weird?

  2. Love these :) :) Have a great weekend!


  3. I definitely need to show my man this site. Lookin' good, men, looking real good.

  4. European men certainly seem to wear their style so easily and so well!!

  5. Love the men's layout. If only my dear husband would let me dress him in whatever my little heart desires. Oh well. baby steps. He has improved and we've only been together a year and a half. Maybe I'll wear him down. ;)

  6. ohhhh i love shopping for the hubs and this is definitely his style. nice share!

  7. lovee these looks. i need to show this post to the fiance :) xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams


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