The Big Day.

It's here.

(Well, THE big day is actually tomorrow.)

But today I leave for London
to kick off this Royal Wedding.

I wish I were actually going to the ceremony,
but staying in a flat literally 50 yards from the Abbey doors
isn't such a bad set up either.

(I really love this website for finding GREAT places to stay.)

The media coverage has been crazy 
and it seems like now everyone wants talking about
how tired they are hearing about the royal wedding...
but honestly-
I don't buy it.

How could anyone be sick of Royal Wedding anything?

We all secretly love it.

The Royal Family was the first reality family for the world.
We are all curious to watch them partake in milestone events,
and the fact that William is marrying a "regular" girl, just like any of us,  
makes it all the more intriguing.

My friend, Julie, sent me this article from NY Mag
that explains the inner rankings of the English upper crust
and Kate's cold welcome into Britain's higher tier.

Come on, admit it.
The Royal Wedding isn't "over" yet...
the fun is just beginning!

While you are at it...
go ahead and admit that these Will & Kate items are pretty funny.

fridge | crown jewel condoms | pez | tea bags | eleni's cookies

I'll be tweeting from the streets of Westminster for the next day.

Follow along for my pics, shots, and all the other hilarity that is sure to abound.

How are you celebrating tomorrow?
Or are you "over it?"


  1. i'm completely fascinated (from over here in Canada) about the whole story - i would 100% be uninterested if she was already a royal herself, but the fact that she's a "commoner" makes the story completely intriguing...i am soooo curious as to what she thinks of all this - is she in shock, disbelief, or has it gone to her head long ago? this is a moment no1 will ever forget! have fun! x

  2. i'm so happy that i'm in italy in the same time zone so i can watch it liiiive!
    i feel like it's 'history in the making' and i love that kate is a real girl like us!
    have fun and be sure to tell us all about it when you come back!

  3. I was just saying I couldn't wait to see her dress! what will you be doing?

  4. I'm excited for you... take lots pictures.... even if it's just of the crowds!
    Have fun!

  5. SO jealous! my theory is that people who say they are "over it" are the people that are into it the most. they're just embarassed. meanwhile, i took the day off of work so i could get up early to watch live without needing sleep for the rest of the day :)

  6. I am so excited! i cannot wait to get up at 5 and see kate's dress! please post pictures of your experience!

  7. So fun that you are going!! I cannot wait to see everything. And that fridge?? I am dying.

  8. I'm not over it. In fact, I'm just now really getting into it. Kate is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see her gown and hair, etc. Who doesn't love a wedding? The girl could wear a paper bag and still look stunning!

  9. hahah i reallly love the little tea ppl and the pez dispensers. too funny! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  10. I may or may not be waking up very early tomorrow to watch it. Whatever. I love the glamour. Everyone else can hush up.

  11. I know some people think this is crazy but I'm totally taking the day off from work and waking up early (US time)....Also my hubby has 2 tvs set up for playoff watching (hockey)...I plan to run both nbc and E! at the same time. A once (or twice) in a lifetime moment.

  12. I see tons of backlash now from the excessive media coverage, but I am still excited!! I will definitely be following your tweets-want to get the real inside scoop :)

  13. I am SO JEALOUS! Have a fabulous time!!!

  14. seriously, those are real?! ha. i'm not getting up at 4am. ;) but ill definitely look at pictures and apparently get to hear about your experience first hand! i can't imagine what it would be like there right now. i heard people were going on vacay just to avoid all the hoopla. you probably haven't seen In The Middle, right? the mom goes nuts on last weeks episode, buys this huge flat screen tv, will & kate necklaces, tea cups, plates, etc. and then she gets pink eye and can't open her eyes to watch the wedding. it's hilarious.

  15. You know I haven't nearly tired of it- I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT for tomorrow!!! I am so excited for you and will definitely be following along with your tweets. Have an amazing time lovely- I'll be living vicariously through you for the next 48 hours! xo

  16. I was a little late jumping on the wedding fever bandwagon but now I'm a little hysterical about the festivities! It's great! I can't wait to see what she is wearing. Also can't wait for the street parties!

  17. so craaaazy that you're gonna be there!!! i want the pez henry and kate - too funny.

    um, i think i'm gonna get up at 6am - that's when i hear she's actually walking down the aisle. part of me is "over it" like you said, but the other part of me is so intrigued. it's history afterall!

  18. Oh these are too funny. My fiance had a good laugh over the tea bags (that was the only item I'd seen previously). I didn't think he would find it so funny, but he did!

  19. SO happy (and jealous!) you are going down to the city for this! I will be in front of the TV with the pup (who I am totally making a hat for!) in my Steven Alan jammies & Burberry cashmere slippers (and mini tiara!) enjoying scones and Earl Grey by 4 am to get all the coverage! I am most interested to see what tiara she we will wear! I'm pulling for the Duchess of Teck even though its a longshot! Enjoy all the fun xxox

  20. Ha! These are hilarious!

    Have an awesome day with Will and Kate!

  21. Seriously dying over the refrigerator. That is crazy! My mom and I are throwing a party complete with Wedding Coverage Bingo, Trivia, and some awesome food.

  22. Ah! I'm so jealous that you will be so close to the Wedding! I'm getting up at 4am to watch..I'm beyond excited! And the Crown Jewels souvenirs?? I literally laughed out loud. Have a fabulous time in London!

  23. That is so, so cool! I don't buy it either - everyone i knew was glued to the TV/internet. So exciting that you got to experience it - something to tell your kids!


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