Most Important Meal of the Day.

I wonder what Ms. Middleton will be eating for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm guessing the only thing that she will have on her stomach 
as she leaves in her carriage for Westminster Abbey is a pile of nerves.

Lucky for us-
we only have to watch the big event.

I love how many of my American friends
 are making a breakfast party of the early morning spectacle.

It's actually a great meal to do in Brit fashion,
because honestly- breakfast is done really well here.

If you've never been to England before,
you might  be staring in disgust at the plate before you.

Yeah, some of it could go away in my opinion...
(Ciao for now, mr. blood sausage & british bacon!)

But the genius behind two fried eggs 
and some Heinz baked beans 
(a different style than the southern dish),
sopped up with some crispy toast is amazingly good.

Not quite a believer? 

Just come over to England,
and I'll make you a breakfast that will change your little mind.

If you aren't looking for a sodium-drenched wedding watch
here are some other great breakfasts that will leave you feeling like a princess.

Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls have become a legends for a reason.
This walnut shortbread recipe makes me feel like a lady.
England has turned me into a huge fan of "yoghurt" parfaits like this one
Do you remember those funfetti pancakes I showed you? Yum.

Happy Wedding Watching!

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  1. So, I am basically drooling over those potatoes and eggs. I'll come over any time! haha

    Did you hear Pioneer Woman is getting her own show on Food Network? Could not be more excited!

  2. mmmmm beans and toast! i heart breakfast. although i'm with you on skipping the british bacon and sausage. they may know their way around tea, but pork products? not so much.

  3. I'll be up sewing, getting ready for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. Happy timing that I have an "excuse" to watch it before school.

  4. Now that looks like a royal meal!
    Wishing I could join you...I shall be watching.

  5. I would totally eat all of that. And love it. Can't wait for the big wedding! Will KM go completely traditional or will she throw in a kick of contemporary? The world waits on edge.... I have GOT to remember to set my DVR tonight! Have a ball watching the ball!! xo

  6. Love your description of an English breakfast! x

  7. Might be a little heavy for Miss Kate tomorrow, but it sure does look good! :)
    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  8. wowzah! so much food! id swap it for the walnut shortbread or cinnamon rolls, both sound delicious! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. Waking up at the crack of dawn to watch it on TV before school! I have TAKS exit-levels but I will be drinking a 5-hour energy and sucking it up. Mom is super excited too! :)

  10. Can't wait to see what she wears and all that. I love me a good wedding!

  11. on my way.. hope you'll have it hot and ready for me! (the meal, that is)

  12. you know i had exactly that meal for breakfast yesterday, i love reading how you are embracing the grand british tradition of the fry up! you need to get yourself to ireland and scotland to try the other versions, all i can say is square sausage sounds odd, but it tastes awesome!!


  13. There are days when I crave a good fry up- most people think I'm weird! So glad you posted this and can't wait to see photos from your awesome view of the wedding! (saw how close you were on Twitter)

  14. have to be honest, even though i live in england now, i am still not a fan of the british breakfast. cant seem to get used to it. although their eggs are better.

  15. ooh i'll take that breakfast.


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