Pack Your Bags: Stratford-Upon-Avon

If you are looking to get out of London
and relax into the British country,
Stratford-Upon-Avon is a great day trip.

With it's short distance from London, friendly locals,
and gorgeous setting in the country-
Stratford- Upon-Avon really does leave you feeling quite inspired!

This little town revels in it's most famous (previous) resident,
and has preserved much of the architectural atmosphere
of his days throughout the town.

I've been to Stratford-Upon-Avon twice.

The first time was a pleasant day in September,
and I left thinking the town was really charming.

I returned for a second time on April 30th

This time changed me into a Stratford-Upon-Avon fan for life.

Whether is was the sunshine, the parades, the multitudes of soft serve ice cream, 
or the free Shakespeare masks being handed out around town, I really can't be sure.

To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday
 (April 23rd, which is ironically- the same day he died),
Stratford-Upon-Avon devotes an entire day to celebrate the famous writer
with parades, performances, and half-price admission to visit his house.

Shakespeare's House is well preserved and furnished with period furniture
to recreate an authentic feel for a visit to the home as he actually would have experienced it.
Attached to the house, is a shop that recreated the glove workshop of Shakespeare's father 
which leads out to a gorgeous English garden
 scatter with costumed actors performing various excerpts of the writer's plays.

Enjoy the gorgeous walk along the River Avon 
where you'll see families playing on the grassy banks,
couple lounging in boats, 
and some of the prettiest trees you'll ever see.

Eventually, you'll make your way to Holy Trinity Church
where Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathawayare buried.

The church, and it's grounds,
are simple and serene...
It really is a must-see for when your visit.

( a £2 donation is requested to see the graves)

Kirsty & Bess

If the sun is out,
rent a boat, soak up the sunshine,
and enjoy being a part of a cliche moment in England.

Sitting on the edge of the city's streets 
along the water's edge is The Encore.

The ambience is rustic with modern edges,
and the view of the River Avon out the windows are perfect,
and the food is light and well prepared.

Try the crispy duck pizza, the arancini risotto balls, or the mediterranean mezze.


If you are lucky enough to come on a sunny day,
find a seat outside on the famous
on your walk to the Holy Trinity Church.

Afterwards, it's tough to choose something sweet
from all the delicious options this town has to offer.

So don't choose...
have two!

A milk shake from Moo Moo's
(coffee with oreo!)

we have a moo moo's in oxford. they start my milkshake when they see me coming. which is sad. and awesome.

Then grab a Cadbury Flake Cone

Please. Don't forget the strawberry drizzle... this is a very important part.

Have you ever been to Stratford Upon Avon?
Did you love it as much as I did?

What's an amazing day trip you have taken?


  1. Yes, I have been there, although it was 25 years ago as a teen. I remember its charm and of course, visited Shakespeare's birthplace. So fun to see it through your eyes!

  2. yes and yes! i loved it. i was there more than a decade ago though...

  3. Indeed! I spent a lovely day there 2 years ago. I loved just walking around the gorgeous town and definitely recommend catching a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I saw Romeo and Juliet and it was absolutely worth the 10 pounds.

  4. Hey thanks for all the posts on the UK. I leave for the UK on Tuesday night. My mom and I are doing a whirlwind tour of all of it in just 7 days! Going to work hard to do it all. :) Can't wait to blog about it!

  5. An amazing day trip was to "Chantilly" where our families toured the castle and then had a fabulous dinner where freshly whipped chantilly cream was prepared in front of us. My son said, do we have a place named after cool whip in America? I still remember all the children around that big bowl of cream!!
    Looks like a great day you had.

  6. I have been to Stratford-Upon-Avon! So excited when I saw that you blogged about it! I honestly really enjoyed the town. It was quaint and lovely, and I adored visiting Shakespeare's house! Pretty sure I went to the church too. It looks so familiar! I wasn't there for the celebration, but it's awesome that you were!

  7. I was in Stratford 10 years ago and I fell instantly in love with it! Thank you for this little trip down memory lane. :-)

  8. Loved this post Lauren, especially because this is one of my favorite towns in England as well. You portray it just as I remember it :)

  9. New to your blog. Found you through Centsational Girl. I went to Stratford with my then boyfriend. He proposed to me in a lil boat on the river. Stratford will always hold a very special place in my heart. Love your pictures.


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