My big, fat, Greek cruise.

Before we booked our cruise,
I had to have a serious conversation with Tyler.

I looked him in the eye,
and asked him if he would judge me
for the obscene amount of food 
I would inevitably eat in Greece.

He rolled his eyes and replied that
"No, of course [he] wouldn't judge me...
because [he'd] been married too long to remember
that other girls don't eat the quantities of food I do."

It was one of the sexier things he's ever said.

Now I'm cruising away in Greece.

It's as glorious as it sounds.

What's better than the sunshine,
the crystal blue waters,
and the towel animals left by room service
on my bed each night....

is the food.

No wonder the gods chose Greece for their home.

I mean, even I'm rethinking our future
to live close to such an abundance of tziziki.

When are we going on a blogger cruise?

{because it's already not soon enough}


  1. A blogger cruise certainly sounds like a plan! My husband is worse...he actually encourages to eat more than I already do. Apparently it's no fun if he's the only one chowing down.

    Enjoy Greece. Well, how can you not?

  2. a blogger cruise to greece sounds pretty perfect!!

  3. I LOVE Greek food. I probably eat a pound of my homemade hummus a week. Have fun!

  4. I just ate my way through Orlando so I totally know what you mean... And while we visited "Mexico" and "France" at Epcot, there was no Greece! Let's get cruising on a cruise!

  5. cue food envy. I am going back to california for two weeks in may and fully intend on eating my way through my home state...including and not limited to every fast food place.

  6. YUMMMMMMMM! I'm drooling! And desperately needing some hummus/pita!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  7. Greek food is so yummy! I may have to go have it for lunch today after seeing all of this!

  8. OMG! YUM! greek food is one of my favorites.. seriously drooling over that hummus :) so glad you had a good time! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  9. um, YUM. It's 8:00 in the morning here, and I just had toast for breakfast.

    Thank you for making me hungry for lunch.


  10. I love Greek food like none other! My friend is Greek and after having him introduce me to all the wonderfulness it seriously changed my life. I crave Greek food daily.

    And a blogger cruise sounds so perfect! It would be the best decorated and well documented cruise in the world.

  11. Greece and the yummy yummy good + blogger cruise = pure and utter bliss!!

  12. oh my gosh-- i'm so jealous! my family is Greek and I spent a semester in college in Athens-- there is absolutely no better place OR cuisine. it's Greek easter this weekend, but i'm sadly stuck working and can't go home. eat some tsoureki and lamb for me!

  13. To me, cruise=massive amounts of food. Glad you're living up to that and enjoying!

  14. Ah, a cruise to Greece - you lucky gal! Sounds amazing. Eat some olives and almonds for me!

  15. Blogger cruise? Yes please!

  16. Oh my, delicious! Have fun on those islands!

  17. You lucky girl!!!! And, if you'll be Julie McCoy...I'm signing on NOW!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. OH YUM!! I would completely pig out as well : )

  19. I totally hear ya! I kept up with my husband bite for bite!!! I never knew I liked feta...real feta!!

  20. Unbelievably amazing! I was just talking about going on a Greek Cruise today, so jealous..and a blogger cruise sounds so fun!

  21. You plan it and we'll be there!! So jealous! So are you totally loving people watching in Greece? I think Grecians are GORGEOUS!

  22. sounds amazing!! I've always dreamt about going to Greece...the water, the people, the food...bliss! enjoy!

  23. I haven't been to Greece for years but I can still remember all the wonderful meals! And I loved sitting in the little square and having ouzo with feta and olives - oh the lovely memories. Have a wonderful time!!

  24. Sign me up for a blogger cruise!! I also love greek food! When we lived in Germany, we found the best greek restaurant. It wasn't Greece, but the next best thing. :)

  25. Greece holds some of my most fondest memories of vacationing with my family. The food, the beach, the sun- sign me up!!


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