Why I Love: Roald Dahl

As you may have noticed,

Serious writing definitely has it's place,
but quirky books have always had my heart.

The first author to really write in a way 
that captured my mind was

My fifth grade teacher his stories to us
every day after lunch.

We would lounge on the carpet floor
as he read the pages of 

Each character had an appropriate voice,
the plots left our eleven year old minds begging for more,
and after a few weeks of having these read to me...
 I started checking out these books from the library to take home with me.

From there, I was unstoppable.

Luckily, I'm not the only one who loves his work.

Hollywood does, too.

His books live on in movies and plays that are still being made today...

And those movies have "cool" hollywood stars... 
like Danny DeVito, George Clooney, & Johnny Depp}

And the sweetest legacy Roald Dahl may have left is
all the Willy Wonka Candy...

because honestly,
who can argue that the world isn't a better place
with gobstoppers & nerds?


  1. I'm such a Roald Dahl fan, too! Ever since I got to meet him in person (yes, I'm THAT old!) and fell in love with his quirky characters in 5th grade... My sons have read all of his books at least twice and one of their favorites and mine is The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me - wonder when they'll turn that into Hollywood magic!

  2. that was so cute! i ADORE roald dahl! and that's so funny, because my fifth grade teacher read us his books too! the BFG was my favorite - she did the best voices to the characters, i can still hear them!

  3. Crazy that I was totally thinking of 'The Witches' as I was making dinner last night... I loooved his stories, I think I may have to add them all back into the line up! It's a little backed up. :)

  4. I loved Roald Dahl- not surprising since I lived in London when I was 6. My favorite was The Twits. I also loved The Witches but had forgotten about it until your post. I have to go reread these!

  5. Ohh, the Witches! It scared me soo much!! Oh jeez!


  6. I ADORE Roald Dahl, even the darker adult books. Have you ever read Kiss Kiss? Rather different than these. I recently wrote a review on the blog of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was such a tour de force for Wes Anderson - I love how he really captured the personalities of the characters. I never minded rereading the books or rewatching any of these movies when my kids were little!!

  7. This post is totally bringing me back! I love Roald Dahl! My absolute favourite book was The BFG - I read it over and over again!

  8. LOVEE looove roald dahl! he is one of my favorites. i liked the BFG, james and the giant peach, matilda and the witches (great movie too)! i really want a complete set of his books :) xoxo jcd

  9. I own every Roald Book ever written (even the slightly dirty adult books). He creates the most amazing worlds. So glad to see that his genius is appreciated by other grown women and not just 10-year olds ;)

  10. Love RD- always included his books in my curriculum when I taught- I've read Fantastic Mr. Fox more times than you can imagine;)

  11. meeee toooo! my 4th grade teacher made me read Matilda to our class every day. i was so not good at it! i love that book.

  12. This is making me nostalgic! These were some of my favorite books when I was younger. I remember my teacher showed us the movie Witches in our 3rd grade class, and I was thoroughly scared!

  13. Hey mama! If you like funny books you HAVE to read "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" by Sloane Crosley. It seriously made me laugh out loud while reading it. Sooooo so good and hilarious. Def worth checking out! Xo

  14. So, I've been looking through your blog and I have to say that I just love you! You are too fun and funny and way witty. Edinburgh? I have always wanted to go there! Have so much fun!

  15. Roald Dahl was my first favorite author ever. I actually thought recently about going back and reading some of the books again. Now I think I must. The BFG was always my favorite.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  16. Oh this takes me back. . . such a Dahl fan. Thanks for the fun post.

  17. Ohhh brought back some memories for me. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Oh, I adore Roald Dahl! Re-reading his books as a grown up takes me right back to my childhood. And "Willy Wonka" and "Matilda" are two of the best movies EVER. Thanks for the flashback! xxx

  19. Yes, good call! We all need a little more Roald in our life - for some reason in my mind he also comes hand in hand with Shel Silverstein. I'm not sure why, but I certainly am enjoying my current state of nostalgia!

  20. Love Roald Dahl and now my boys are reading him too! Some things never go out of style!!

    xoxo E

  21. Love him! Matilda is my all-time favourite!

  22. what a perfect little tribute to him. my childhood would not have been the same without his books!

  23. Wouldn't be the same without some Wonka candy, great childhood memories thanks to Dahl.


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