April Binging Brings May Penny Pinching

Looking back at April, 
I would have to describe the month as
well... extravagant.

we really lived it up.

Sadly, this month brings a dose of reality
(and a hefty stack of bills to pay),
so these Aspiring Kennedys are cutting back 
to compensate for the non-stop party
we will fondly remember as "April 2011."

(note to self: it was totally worth it.)

I'm cutting back on the little things...
as they do seem to add up.

Things like buying the whole chicken
versus buying chicken breasts are some ways
I'm finding will save me some big chunks of change.

And I'm also waiting.

Waiting to make sure I've actually used my body wash completely
before buying another container.

Waiting to get home before I grab something to eat for lunch.

Waiting for my lottery check to arrive in the mail.


It's not exactly fun to be on a budget,
but it seems to make the "big" events better 
when they come around, doesn't it?

What are some simple ways you cut back 
when you need to save up?


  1. I'm a make a casserole on Sunday and snack on it for a while/freeze some of it kind of girl when I need to pinch pennies. Which is most Sundays. :P

  2. Ahh.. pb&j and I are good friends! I recently got into coupon clipping. Good stress reliever!

    ~Blair @ scsd

  3. Hmmm. I eat spaghetti and marinara sauce. ha It's cheap and the whole grain version is also cheap! I just don't buy things that I don't need! Oh, and I don't buy new books when I have some that are unread!


  4. i do so many things: i usually only buy things that are on sale (clothes too), use coupons, don't waste anything (this one is key), just have an appetizer and drink when i go out (it's usually enough anyway!) and make leftovers often.
    love your "luxury lite!"

  5. hmm. Sounds silly but I try to make sure I have special things at home to eat...most of the reason I ditch the home-lunch is it's not very good. So, if I'm not as lazy I will be happy to eat it. I also try to notice what I'm saving, like a game with a bonus :) At least it's May! Such a beautiful month, it brings its own goods.

  6. It's so hard to do!!!! Good luck to you honey! Have you heard my new novel news? Check out the front cover on my blog! Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday sweetie. Kori xoxo


  7. So, every time I am tempted to buy something I think to myself "this could be a night at a sweet bed and breakfast in Scotland." It really puts things in perspective. Especially food. Do I really need to buy that prepackaged salad that costs $7? No, that instead will go toward my Europe fund.

  8. on saturday taylor and i go to central market and eat their samples galore for lunch while we grocery shop and try to stay within the budget:) and i'm sad to admit i no longer have a weekly mani/pedi- salon casa de vieger is all i can afford to visit right now;)


  9. omg... I totally buy bath wash before it's empty so I have like 10 bottles half empty.. husband hates me!

  10. Ugh... cutting back... doing that too. I like living large better. I am glad you had such a thrilling month in April and that you don't have any regrets... some life experiences you just can't put a price on! xo

  11. I feel yaaaa. I'm taking notes on your financial diet. I need to be on one myself!

  12. Hear ya! I splurge, then have to dial it back. All the time. But, living large is such a thrill. So happy that April '12 set your world on fire. Something tells me you may dial back for May, but you'll have another Europrean vacation by June!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Pb&J and are closely acquainted (much to the mocking of my English housemates), basically making my meals at home and turning off the online shopping "click and it's mine" impulse are super key for me.

    Best of luck!

  14. 1. loved your REAL wedding photos of the big royal day!!
    2. i definitely buy bodywash before i'm out. like...i have 2 bottles right now. one is pretty much empty, but i totally like the other one more. i do it with shampoo too. i'm so bad!! lotion too...that's a bad one. i have a ton under my sink.
    but books...ugh, i go through them like candy. i bought a new book sunday and finished it monday. dang it.
    best of luck to you! skimping can be hard on things you don't really think about. (like liters vs. cans!)

  15. I avoid Starbucks when I need to cut back. If I'm really desperate, I'll cut back on my TV package.

  16. aaah I think they lost my lottery check... :(

  17. 1. decide upon a set amount of cash that you need each week.
    2. seal credit cards in an envelope.
    3. spend time in nature
    4. read
    5. learn to cook with 3 ingredients
    6. volunteer and give time freely
    7. spend time giving thanks and you will have more.
    8. create time to bring on what you really want -

  18. I love Matchbook Magazine! My family cut back our subscriptions to National Geographic Traveler, Teen Vogue, The Economist, and Glamour, so I get my magazine fix from Matchbook now. :)

  19. We all need to cut back every now and then. Instead of buying iced lattes every day, I make them at home with my Bialetti. Actually, they taste better than the coffee shop! I still get one out every once in awhile, but it does save some pennies.

  20. I've been in a purging mood lately, and have sort of become addicted to Craig's List...it's like what else can I sell. It's so nice having cash in my wallet (I never have cash) I think more about what I buy when I use cash. Good luck...budgets are no fun.

  21. Being on a budget is no fun but the splurges are definitely worth it! I had a binging month last month, but on clothes instead of parties, and now I'm paying for it,too. Just made enough shrimp linguini to last me the rest of the week - no eating out for me!!

  22. i forego my daily lattes to home brewed coffee...not as tasty but it's amazing how much i save!

  23. these are some great tips... I've been trying to be a little more conscientious with my spending as well lately.

  24. Hi
    I do not know if these apply to everyone...I stay away from Starbucks...Target...Malls...when I am on a budget...no impulse shopping...I stick to a list, go to smaller stores to shop for groceries...and go to the farmers market more when I need fruit and vegetable because even if I overspend it is on good food not junk and will last longer too. I put pictures up of where I want to go next so I don't feel so bad I am not splurging...I like all the ideas everyone else have said too.

  25. It sucks seeing that bank account get smaller and smaller, isn't it? I love saving money and am a huge wuss when it comes to spending it.

    For me, it's been all about the huge trip that my hubs and I have planned for the end of july (we're coming to europe!). All our money is going in the savings account and we are scrimping on everything else.

    The easiest thing for me are simple cutbacks: bring leftovers in for lunch, make my own coffee, and love coupons. Hopefully, things will start getting upwards again for you! :)

  26. The biggest area that I cut back on when I need to save is on eating out during the weekdays. My husband and I try to eat at home and pack lunches for work during the week, that way when the weekend roles around we have more money for the fun activities that we enjoy :)

  27. Ugh -- and I only saw the receipts in euro...once the bills come in converted to dollars I'll probably have a heart attack. No shopping, Lean Cuisines for lunch (my body is practically rejecting after my last 2 weeks!) and Date Night on the couch with pizza and a dvd are some of our main changes.

  28. Avoid malls and stores that you like at all costs! Even though you tell yourself you're just "window shopping" it usually leads to a purchase even if it's not right away. By that I mean you go home thinking about that great soap, sweater, book--you get the point-and then you ultimately justify it and buy it a few days down the road.


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