Cinco De Mayo (This Texan's VDay)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

(Cinco duh what?)

In Mexico,
it's a day of celebration
of heritage, culture, & democracy.

(Which I know contradicts the below graphic, but I can't edit that from my phone. Lo siento. My tex-ucation failed me when I was creating my post.) 

In Texas, it's a good excuse 
to pile onto a patio for endless hours
gorging yourself on
enchiladas, salsa, & margaritas.

It's quite heavenly, actually.

For Tyler & me, 
it's a very special day.

Our first kiss was on Cinco De Mayo...
after a night of dancing 
at a dance hall in Arkansas called the Electric Cowboy.

Classy, n'est pas?

So wherever you are
- Mexico, Texas, or even England-
pull out your boots and kick it up for a good night of fun!

(and don't forget your stretchy pants... it's all about the eatin')

Who knows-
 maybe tonight you'll fall in love with your "forever."

Make your own Mexican feast with these recipes:


  1. I like how you and pretty pink tulips always find a way to party and bring on a kiss! Hope you show those Englanders a thing or two about American festivities.

  2. How cute. Happy first kiss anniversary! What a fun night to fall in love. I am totally trying that grilled cheese. xo

  3. looking forward to a strawberry and basil margarita!

  4. hope you bring England a little taste of Cinco de Mayo!

  5. mmm i want that guacamole! i LOVE cinco de mayo..and im hosting a cinco themed blog crawl! you can link up this post :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. ooh i like the idea of that grilled cheese! how sweet, a cinco de mayo first kiss! so much cooler than valentine's day...:)

  7. I love this post (and can't wait for my margarita tonight), but I have to say that Mexican Independence Day is actually Sept. 16. Nonetheless, let the tequila flow and the chips and guac be endless! :)

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  9. Oops- You are right! I've always said (and been told) incorrectly. Changing now.. From the train. Thanks for pointing that out! No disrespect intended... Just sleepy blogging on my part!

  10. At this point, my forever is going to be that jalapeno grilled cheese! :)

  11. the electric cowboy. awesome.
    your kiddos will LOVE that.

    those recipes sound awesome, but they're gonna have to wait...heading out to celebrate tonight!


  12. How funny, Lauren. My husband and I got engaged on Cinco de Mayo. Wohoo for sharing an anniversary!!

  13. I will eat lots of Mexican food and have a few margartias here's in Texas in your honor ;)

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  14. um it's 12:30 here and i want a margarita and some guac. thank you. no, really, thank you! i'll be drooling for the rest of the day, but it was worth it!

  15. That is such an awesome first kiss story! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  16. jalapeno popper grilled cheese? BE STILL MY HEART!!

  17. Aww, what a great way to remember Cinco de Mayo - your first kiss with your future hubby! Very cool!

  18. mmm the guacamole looks delicious (and the margarita of course!) happy cinco de mayooooo!

  19. The Cinco de Mayo mistake is easily made ^_^ I know MEXICANS who think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day.

  20. God, your post photos almost signalled the demise of my healthy eating & exercise regime...

    I'm a sucker for Mexican & they look absolutely mouth- watering :)

    Happy B-lated Cinco de Mayo!

  21. Congrats sweet girl! you have a little award in my blog!

  22. I could so seriously eat all of that 5 days a week. Yes, tex-mex is my mainstay.

    Blue Goose, Mi Cocina, Mia's....wishing I was on one of those patios right now!

    Happy (now) Seis de guessing you had to make your own tacos?!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  23. Love that you guys fell in love at a place called the 'Electric Cowboy'! :)

    Cinco de Mayo or not, Mexican food and drinks are always welcome on my front porch. Sounds like the perfect way to spend any day really..!

    Happy weekend and thanks for the comment today.

    x Charlotta

  24. Oh the Cowboy! Such a classy joint! Love it even more because I know exactly what you're talking about. ;)

  25. So yummy! That guac looks amazing! xo style, she wrote

  26. classy arkansas dance hall---the electric cowboy :) i'm going to start calling it that! :) love


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