Monday Moods: I feel... apologetic.

For a long time,
I've ripped on cruises
for being cheesy, unoriginal, and mainstream.

I hadn't been on a cruise since early high school,
and in my mind-
had developed a bit of an snotty attitude 
towards the idea of them.

Well, I take it back!

Our Royal Caribbean cruise
through the Greek Isles was amazing.

We visited so many places in our 11 days,
and it would have been impossible to duplicate that journey
if it were just us traveling on our own.

(Venice, Corfu, Croatia, Crete, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Olympia)

After planning so many vacations by ourselves,
it was heavenly to not have to think about 
where to stay at each new place,
what train/bus/plane to take to get there,
where to find a decent place to eat.

 I had even  forgotten how lovely turndown service can be...

The swan towels are slightly bizarre, but hey, I'll take it.

Royal Caribbean was clean, amazing friendly, 
and the food was so tasty, this snob is forever silenced.

these little pastries are dangerously addicting.

While there may be other trips 
that offer higher exclusivity and swankier crowds,
I would proudly say that our cruise 
was the most relaxing trip we have ever taken.

So I hereby apologize.

Royal Caribbean, I spoke to soon.

Thanks for giving me a second chance,
and sweeping me off my feet.

Have you ever cruised?
Did you love it as much as us?


  1. I am afraid to try a cruise because I have awful motion sickness. I have heard people say that they can feel the boat rock or that they've experienced motion sickness. I can't think of anything worse than being sick and stuck out in sea and not enjoying your trip! xo

  2. I am sorry that I have never been on a cruise for all of your sorry reasons. The honeymoon choice was a cruise of the Greek Isles or Portugal land travel....Perhaps I missed the boat.

  3. Christina in TXMay 9, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    We have taken two cruises (both with Princess) and I'd cruise every month if we could!! It is SO relaxing and SO much fun! I'd love to take the cruise you went on; seems like a great one! And I found your blog via another and I LOVE, LOVE it!! I don't know how you came to live in London, but it looks like something I'd love to do...if I didn't have 3 littles here!

  4. i've always been hesitant when it comes to cruises for the motion sickness aspect and jsut the overall excessiveness...but i've never been on one so i'm not one to judge. glad you had a great time though!

  5. i have never tried it or wanted to be honest but you saying it might change my mind :)

  6. I took a cruise years and years ago and it wasn't my cup of tea - thinking perhaps I should give it another try!! I actually like the swan towels!!

  7. I took my first cruise with my two girlfriends last summer- and loved it! Definitely a little cheesy and not sure I'd do it often. We went around the Caribbean and while I'm not sure we can claim we saw much of the countries we were in, it was the most relaxing vacation. If the main goal is to lay by the pool, relax, and not worry about anything, a cruise is perfect.

    And as someone who still gets motion sick in a car, the cruise wasn't that bad. I felt it 1 night and it was just a little disorienting at dinner. Not bad at all!

  8. I've always felt the same as you, not the biggest cruise fan, but the thought of going through Greece and not having to plan a single thing sounds pretty incredible.

  9. This is SO good to know. Kurt and I go back and forth all the time about cruises and I'm usually the skeptic...

  10. I've been reading through a handful of your most recent posts and all your pictures are so intriguing! Spotted you on Breakfast at Toast!

  11. I just did the Greek Isles cruise this summer and was absolutely blown away by it! It was amazing. I love Royal Caribbean for cruising.

  12. You just might convert me. I've never taken a cruise....thinking much like you used to before your glorious experience.

    I have to say..those swan towels are pretty darn cute!

    So happy you relaxed while in the Greek Isles. That's where I spent my 21st birthday. I have to was pretty magical!

    xo Elizabeth

  13. i've never been on a cruise. i'm afraid i'd be too sea sick.

  14. I've cruised through Mexico once...but it was free so I wasn't too judgemental about it. We did think we'd never actually pay for a cruise, but I'd reconsider if the destinations were in Greece!

    Of course our cruise was chock full of country music fans (as was the 'theme', and hence why free for us as hubs was musician)...perhaps THAT had something to do with our impression. ;)

  15. I have never been on a cruise. Never had the best impression of them & always assumed they were a little cheesy. BUT -- after reading your post...maybe not! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your blog as well :)

  16. our first cruise was a 10 day cruise around the tahitian islands. we went to 6 islands in 10 days and definitely would not have been able to do that alone. especially some of the smaller islands...that were actually atolls. we were on a tiny ship (a larger one would have been impossible to get through some of the barrier reefs) and i discovered that i got motion sick pretty easily. and every night. it was a bummer, but luckily we had a gorgeous room with a huge balcony...i was ok with not leaving it.

  17. I did a very similar cruise of the Greek islands ( I forget which tour company) as part of study abroad in college and it was incredibly convenient and pretty relaxing too. Other than that my stomach was just not made for the seas... Wishing you a happy Monday!

  18. I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a cruise just for the endless food alone. The only thing that freaks me out is sleeping in water. I don't know why but I just don't like even thinking about it.

  19. I have never cruised because I have an irrational fear of rogue waves...truth. Now I have embarrassed myself and you know I am a big(irrational) baby trapped in an adult's body. Your pictures are beautiful! I would definitely consider cruising if I could be a part of those sights. Perhaps there is a rogue wave treatment group for me?

  20. Haha you're too cute! I honestly don't really like cruising much. My first cruise was a Royal Carribean to Alaska. Royal Carribean was great but J & I were pretty young for an Alaskan cruise and the weather was horrible. So foggy that we couldn't see anything the entire week. I just knew I was missing gorgeous fjords behind that fog. And the boat was so rocky that the staff was even getting thrown all around while serving and the decks were closed.

    I refused to ever go on one again but then after much begging and prodding a few friends convinced us to try a carribean one with them. They were big time cruisers. While it was fun at times I just couldn't deal with laying out on the deck like sardines trying to get a little sun and only getting to be in place for a few hours. I'd much rather just fly to one place and be there for a week.

    But I have to say that we have always said that the only way we would do it again would be to go on a Mediterranean cruise. Your experience has made me think that's defintely a good idea :)

  21. I did go on a cruise to the Caribbean back in 1994 and wasn't thrilled with it. I think it's why I haven't taken another. After reading about your great experience, I may have to reconsider! Especially if it's the itinerary you just had!

  22. I've never been on one but every person I know who has, says the same thing- best trip ever. I'd love to try it someday!!

  23. I would love to try a cruise one day but I am afraid I would get sea sick...
    I am THAT girl that through up on her honeymoon's "sunset cruise" on an easy boat ride. Oh dear...

    So glad yours was a good experience though. It looks and sounds amazing!

  24. I like cruises for the main reason that they allow you a taste of many different places. Sure, it's always preferable to spend more time in each spot but that's not always possible. Plus I do like that the travelling happens when you sleep rather than wasting times on trains, buses, etc.

    Perhaps not my fave way of travelling cruises definitely do have their merits in my eyes.

  25. So glad you enjoyed your cruise! Sounds like you visited an interestingly varied mix of islands (Corfu with its Italian influence & charm, Santorini with its unique landscape & colour) & cultural destinations (getting real close to my neck of the woods with Olympia).

    Never been on a cruise myself, even though I've toyed with the idea a couple of times. My folks have been on a couple (including a miniature one of the Nile) & loved them.

    Oh and, ps., if you think those swans are bizarre you should have seen the mummies & crocodiles they got on the latter...:P

  26. I'm kinda with Helena... I've never thought about taking a cruise (I worry I'd feel claustrophobic!) but you're experience does sound good!

    P.S. Th swans made me laugh!

  27. Wow, it sounds like an amazing holiday! I've never been on a cruise and never really thought about going on one but I'm intrigued after hearing about your trip x


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