Pop-Up Shop

Most of you know-

 I've got a thing for popsicles.

I've been blogging about them for a while now
in hope that they might become the next "thing."

Cupcakes are fine, but we've all had our fill.
I'm ready to trade out for a tasty chill.

(Did you catch that rhyme?)

All I'm asking is this:

Can someone PLEASE make popsicles cool?

If you have the cash, the time, and the style-
I've already planned out 
the perfect plan for a popsicle paradise.

Imagine this:

A silver airstream trailer happily perched
 on a plot of bright green astroturf, 
surrounded a white picked fence
and oozing with kitsch.

The trailer cheerfully greets the masses
through a giant window with red checked curtains
where it hands out frozen delights like
the Ferrer Rocher drumstick,
the strawberry margarita snowcone,
& the blood orange dreamsicle
to it's happy patrons.


All the hard work is done for you.

Now all that's left is for someone to
finance it, build it, manage it, & maintain it.

(Easy peasy.)

Do any of you have a fun menu item 
for this popsicle menu?

(... I double dog dare you to get in on this fun ...)


  1. YUM! i really want one right now :) i had a popsicle that tasted like a mojito once it was ahhmazing! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Ok this sounds incredible. Come to Chicago, I'll be your first customer

  3. if you sold the popsicles pictured I am sure it would be perfect

  4. ok...have you seen the INSTANT popsicle maker? emily made the most amazing looking root beer float popsicles with the maker - apparently it only takes a few minutes! so cool! (no pun intended). :)


  5. I had to put up something on my blog to link to this post. I've been craving popsicles lately and both you and Project Gadabout posted on them! You totally made my morning!

  6. One semester in college my roommate and I made and ate approximately 1000000000 pounds of pudding pops. :)

  7. mmmm, i need myself a Popsicle now!

    p.s. love your writing!

  8. My ideas:
    Red Velvet and Cream cheese popsicle.
    Peanut Butter and Jelly Popsicle.
    Apple Turnover popsicle.


  9. why do we not mesh when it come to food?? haha. you really crack me up. i am not a fan of popsicles. i like the real fruit ones..can't remember the name, but the coconut is my fave. sno cones though...i'd be all about some gourmet snow cones. can i just say right here, right now? i made cupcakes big. ...and then i heard about sprinkles. grr. :)

  10. That's adorable- you're going to make popsicles cool, my friend, with posts like this!! : )

    Just saw a recipe the other day for a Corona popsicle. For realz.

  11. Okay, Joanna Goddard just tweeted about this and I thought you should know: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/5416143/Daniel-Craig-in-007-lolly.html

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That would do AMAZINGLY well here in Austin, Texas! We're crazy about trailer cuisine!


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