Paris Or Bust.

Every spring, European MBA programs
get together for some friendly "Olympics"... in PARIS.

So, I'm happily taking my place as a WAG
("wives and girlfriends")
and heading out for the fun
as Tyler plays basketball for Oxford.

We won't be staying with the school
(we rented our own apartment in Paris through this site)
and not really missing out on the 12 hour bus ride
(advance Eurostar tickets for £69 r/t).

Besides the obvious reasons you get giddy about going to Paris,
I'm excited to go with Tyler...
he's never been!

We'll be spending the next five days
walking all the sites, eating all the food, 
shopping for more fun things for FOUR SALE,
and scouring all the museums loaded with gorgeous art.

It's hard to think of Paris 
without thinking of all the massively important art.

Which is why I think it's perfectly normal
to want to bring home some Parisian art of own's one.

Perhaps these are a bit less sophisticated 
than the beauties at the Louvre and D'Orsay, 
but I do find them quite clever.




If you could spend an afternoon gazing 
at one piece of art
or one artist's work...
what would you choose?


  1. Oh, how cool... I wish I were going. LOVE Paris. I am going to live there in my next life, I've already decided. Hmm... I would stare at impressionism, the details amaze me... probably Monet. xo

  2. Monet for sure - we saw one of the largest exhibitions of his work from private collections last year (and it moved me to tears at the sheer brilliance of the man and the fact that I will never have a picture of that bridge hanging in a home of my own - ever)...there is a museum dedicated to his work slightly off the beaten track but I can't wait to get there...woohoo Paris!

  3. I'm so jealous! Have fun!! And drink plenty of wine!

  4. This is the absolute perfect time to go to Paris- ugh, have fun!!

  5. vermeer. the details and the light kill me every time.
    you're going to have a blast! i just got back about a month ago and it was literally the best trip ever!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing some Toulouse Lautrec. I went to an exhibit in DC a few years ago and love how he captures the time period in Montemarte, its very different. And also Monet. Clearly :)

  7. 1. Your husband plays basketball for Oxford? Umm... hot!
    2. Paris? Major squeal!
    3. I would just walk around. I know that sounds boring, but that was my favorite thing to do there.

  8. le sigh. i miss paris. i ADORE renee magritte and renior. have a fantastic time :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. Oh gosh. So hard to choose. My favorite when we were in Paris was Degas at the Musee de Orsay. Although, I think just walking around Paris and looking at the architecture is art in itself.

  10. I'm quite a fan of Francois Boucher...Rococo all the way! :)

  11. Have fun!!

    Mondrian's Compositions--Piet puts my life back in order when it's all over the place. I use the shapes to understand how 'things' fit together correctly.

    Love you, see you soon!

  12. Ah you must drop me a note if you ever get back to Scotland, I'm near Edinburgh, loved your piece!

  13. Marc Chagall for def! I will buy anything with a print of one of his paintings on it, cofee mug, umbrella, post card. I love everything he has ever painted. I love in the movie 'Notting Hill' when Julia Robert's character looks at the poster and says 'It feels like how being in love should be.', because that is what I have always thought of his work.
    Enjoy your trip, Paris is wonderful but, even more so when you get to share it with someone you love xo

  14. how exciting, have fun!

  15. I'd choose to sit outside in a cafe, gazing at Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower....while shoving back a crepe as fast as possible.

    have a grand time!!! my heart hurts just thinking about paris....i want to go baaaaaaaaaack

  16. just one artist?! gah, so hard for this art history major, art lover, and painter. i'd say Andrew Wyeth. seeing Christina's World for the first time in NYC a few years ago was mesmerizing. his paintings have an amazing back story too.

    hope you two have an awesome time in paris!!

  17. how wonderful! i am thoroughly jealous :). and i could stare at the moody and beautiful work of Degas all day long!

  18. I can look at John Singer-Sargent anyday.

    Also, I just gave you an award! Check it out on my page. :)

  19. ooh I have that last print favorited in my Etsy...and I'm pretty sure I would picnic 24/7...I hope you have fun showing him around!

  20. So jealous! I loved my week in Paris and came back with a little 5x7 painting that I bought from an old man on the sidewalk for $40. Best purchase ever.

    Have fun! Safe travels!

  21. Enjoy Paris my dear. I am going to Paris in July--any tips? Email me at projectsimplelife(at)gmail(dot)com.

  22. I would stare at Monet :) good thing there is pretty much an entire museum dedicated to him near the Louvre! have so much fun in Paris {can't believe the Ty man has never been!!!}

  23. i'm headed to paris for my MBA program on saturday!!!


  24. I think the Musee de Orangerie when Monet's Waterlilies are installed in the round.....I could stare at them all day.

    Have so much fun. You'll be a Paris expert soon.....then you can organize a trip for your blogger friends - hint, hint!

    xo E

  25. Oh man! I would so love that trip!

    I love those prints, too.


  26. sighing! you have the most fabulous trips! hmmm, art...there's so many, hard to choose but any art in any Parisian museum will do :)


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