Why I Love... Graphic Image.

Back in my previous life,
I had a "cool job."

You know the type, don't you?

The only dress code is to look good,
you travel to exotic locations and stay at the best hotels,
you're friendly with buyers and editors,
& you make a hilariously small salary 
that leaves you feeling extremely broke 
among the glossy world you work in?

Yup. If that's the criteria,
then I once had a very cool job.

I think my favorite part of it was the trade shows.

They are so much work, 
but they always brought such adventures and stories.

After a few shows, 
you start to develop a nose for the important buyers.

...Bendel, Saks, Harrods, Barneys...

You start to remember each other from previous shows and meetings,
and it gets easier to be prepared...
but the easiest buyers to spot 
are always from Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman.

While they might have their buyer's badge hidden in their handbag,
they all carry the same tell-tale object in their hands:

You can spot those giant planners half way down the convention center aisles...
and boy, are they gorgeous.

Graphic Image is a family owned company out of New York 
that sits above the rest of the over-saturated leather market
with their gorgeously unique line 
of luxe everyday items.

I'm sure you've seen their goods before-
but as their website quotes:
"We're the biggest brand that nobody's ever heard of."

It's true.
You'd recognize their handiwork in a heartbeat,
but most people never know their name.

Graphic Image pieces are so lovely 
no label is needed to sway the customer into the purchase.

At stores like Bergdorf & Barneys- 
that speaks volumes.

(Why, yes, I do have one of these!)

Metallic passport covers?
(As if international travel wasn't swanky enough!)

they have my heart.

I'm waiting patiently
until the day comes
when I have my own...
with my initials monogrammed at the bottom
like all the BG & NM buyers.

And the day that happens?
Well, I'll know then that I'm actually cool.


  1. I love this! I went right to their site...I'm such a planner nut too. I don't know why! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo

  2. Love them... good excuse to get organized!

    blair @ scsd

  3. Gorgeous goods! I'm a complete fool for leather items, such a luxury but still so practical.

  4. i absolutely want a teal (or hot pink) leather dictionary! happy weekend!

  5. A good planner is definitely indispensable. And when I like the planner's design, I want to use the planner more! ^_^

  6. You are absolutely right...I love Graphic Image, but never even knew the company name.

  7. I love graphic image....and have ordered more of their products as gifts than I can count!

    And, badge or no badge girl....you ARE cool! I'll be looking for your bff tomorrow!

    xo Elizabeth

  8. I have a pink dictionary. :)

  9. I feel the same way! I adore my Graphic Image planners. I had a coral pink last year and bright orange this year. I get a happy feeling each time I reach for it. So cool to find someone who feels the same way. I think a bright green may be in my future, too!


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