I Love Wedgies.

clockwise from top:
jeffrey campbell, amanda mule £72 | pour la victoire, jaclyn $270 | pour la victoire, divia, $67 | DVF, Opal $206

... err... 

I mean, 
I love wedges.

Wedges are heaven sent.

Can I get an amen?

Flattering to your calves,
perfect with a tan,
and, most importantly-
provide glamorously disguised stability
 for a spastic clutz like myself!

These neutral picks are perfect for the warmer weather...
and you can stretch this summer expense
by wearing any of this palette on warmer autumn days. 

Splurge now. 
Regret Later.

{But be eternally grateful when you see how good your legs photograph in them.}


  1. Invested in a pair of cork wedges with a metallic gold sheen - love them! (Even though they make me over 6 feet tall...)

  2. amen! yessss i love wedges too! esp since you can wear them in the fall w jeans or stockings and a skirt. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. i love wedges! i just ordered a tory burch pair and i love them!!
    xx Katie

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  4. True story darling, Wedges are the bomb dot com. They keep my feet from aching and me from falling over when I'm rocking an extra four inches.

  5. I love wedges too! I recently bought a pair and they are super comfortable :)

  6. wedges = love. good thing target had some SUPER amazing ones that resemble the DVF opal pair. they are lovely and so very comfortable. to my feet and my pocket book ;)

  7. Amen, sista! I love the wedges I have this summer - definitely flattering for the legs and more comfortable than standard heels.

  8. my sentiments exactly! obsessed. i love the Free People wedges!! i'm digging that style right now. big time.

  9. I'm with you on this one! Wedges ARE heaven sent! Luckily I live in California and have the luxury of wearing them year round...

  10. I love wedges. I'd wear them way more often if I wasn't already so tall!

  11. It is so true! My legs always look so fab in them and I have to tell my mom over and over again that they are actually comfy and safe to wear. She never believes me.

  12. Completely love the bow ones! I love wedges too - i have some gold ones that i wear ALL the time!
    Rachie xo
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    Thankyou! xo

  13. in loooooove with wedges! love all these pairs you picked out!!!

  14. They're all I want to wear this summer! I love how they keep an outfit dressy but still are comfortable. And as a fellow klutz I appreciate not tottering over in heels!

  15. I am loving the amanda mules... I think I will be heading over to order a pair!!


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