Life in A Day

The UK seems to get everything after America.

Next generation Apple products.
Gwyneth Paltrow.
And I'm still hoping a decent burger will show up.

However, the most obvious lag seems to be movies...

I have to wait *forever* to watch the newest films
that my friends buzz about on all my newsfeeds.

{Speaking of... I finally get to see Bridesmaids!}

But  last night, I got to see a movie that isn't out yet in the States...
and that made me feel, 
well, pretty big time.

The movie is YouTube's first movie,

They had over 80,000 videos submitted, 4,500 hours of footage
from 192 countries.

My opinion:
It was good!

As a social-networking, internet junkie-
it was really cool to see a project "created" by people like you & me
be brought to such a big platform.

At times it was a bit sadder, darker, and females-in-labor-showing
 than I typically prefer...
but hey- 
that's life.

And if you don't love it,
well... there's always another day.

P.S. Thanks Daniel & Corie for bringing me along for the fun!


  1. i never thought youtube was actually doing any good until projects like this and "it gets better" and those adorable kids who sing at school!
    really want to see this!

  2. Oh thanks for the link- looking forward to watching tonight when the kidlets are in bed:)

  3. Oh the trailer is so uplifting - I'm sorry to hear that the actual film was sadder and darker. But I am still waiting for someone here to bring Crimson and the White Petal - did you see it? I heard it was very good!!

  4. I never thought about it, but you would get movies later, huh?
    I love how the internet lets things like this come to life. Definitely helps fuel the need to create and "do".

  5. This looks so inspiring. It's a brilliant concept too.


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