A la Carte.

I really like being bored.

While I might ping-pong myself across the globe
neglecting my jet-lagged body,
I actually relish in the moments of doing nothing.

Tyler often finds me sitting in front of the oven

I would happily sit on a delayed train
and rest my head against the window.

And on my way across the ocean today,
I be opting to watch the flight map
instead of a movie on my flight.

I love looking at all the cities in my path
and letting my imagination crawl 
over the curiosity of the people
sitting 30,000 feet below my own.

And as one who finds maps as entertainment,
I also find them as the perfect home accessory.

 I love these subtle places for maps in your home ...

... and these are such clever DIY's...

... and each of these prints begs me to pack my bags for a new adventure...

image set no. 1: door,  cabinet, &  drawer
image set no. 2:  frame,  boxes,  & hearts


  1. This is the best post! I laughed throughout. You just watched that little plane hover over those states? That's so funny! You watch your dinner in the oven? You crack me up.

  2. I LOVE maps too! I have spent hours looking at them. The U.S. map in the last image made up with words is fun. Love how you think!

  3. I'm with you - maps ROCK. I always while away the hours on long haul flights staring at the plane inching its way across the map at a glacial pace! Safe travels, LK!

  4. gorgeous maps! i just got back yesterday from a very long journey from italy to boston and i was watching the flight map too! haha!

  5. i looove dreaming about vacations and looking up cities. all of these maps are so fun :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. That map of the US is so so funny.

  7. I'm absolutely obsessed with maps too! I always watch the flight map. Hardly ever a movie on flights. And I had a map and a globe growing up that I used to analyze for hours and hours.

    Have a good flight, sweetie :) xoxo

  8. this is gorgeous, truly. I have SO MANY MAPS saved as favorites in my Etsy account...

  9. I love that watercolor map...its so pretty!

  10. I think in this day and age of constant stimulation, watching dinner cook is a great idea - tunes playing, wine in hand... a perfect way to spend an evening! Love your global greatness...

  11. i love this selection! that bookshelf is pretty awesome, very creative!



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