Matchbook Strikes My Fancy.

After years of trying to get editors 
to put my clients in the spotlight...

I have, somehow, ended up in it myself.

Look for me in the newest & grooviest issue yet

I feel pretty darn special.

So special that I'm eating clearance easter candy 
and listening to Billy Joel 
to celebrate my coolness.

{That is cool, isn't it?}

I just love Matchbook...
and I'm so flattered they liked me back!

Guess who is also featured
in this month's issue?

That's right, 
Miss GP herself.

So even though Gwynnie & I may be twelve pages away,
we're actually one step closer 
to being the best of friends. 

... well, assuming she likes caramel bunnies & Uptown Girl, too.


  1. eeek! How exciting! I will look out for you. And then I'll celebrate by eating caramel bunnies and listening to uptown girl on your behalf

    ps what are caramel bunnies? I do not know but I feel like I should. they sound delicious! (assuming that they are in fact what I'm imagining)

  2. Beauteous. You two are destined to be BFFs.

  3. Yay, LBK! I always knew you were big time. Congrats!!

  4. you at you!!! it's so fate that you and GP will for sure be besties. it's destiny.

  5. This is fantastic ! Good for you! And I'd rather read Aspiring Kennedy over Goop anyday, so I think you're ahead of the game.

  6. Wow Lauren! That is so exciting!!! Am off to go see your feature right now!

  7. wow! congrats!! i loveee matchstick magazine. what an honor. xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  8. No way! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!

    And I bet when GP sees your feature she'll be calling you up for blog advice.

  9. I saw you in this and got super excited too! Congratulations!!! Just more evidence that their taste rocks.


  10. you are special! that's so awesome. congrats Lauren!! i too believe you and GP are one step closer to being BFF's.

  11. That's awesome (: i also enjoy serious reads too!! malcolm gladwell on the beach? take me there.

  12. haha that was so cute! i love what you said, and i totally agree!

  13. i feel like a celebrity knowing YOU, darling, are featured in matchbook mag this month! i love katie armour and her neo-trad ways. you ought be featured ;) ALSO: did you see the NYT article with a matchbook mention? further validating your fame and friendship with GP. xoxoxo stephanie

  14. Congratulations!! It's a great appearance!

  15. Congrats! I totally agree with your quote but if you get a kindle no one knows when you're reading trashy books or smart ones. I like to think the kindle protects me from poolside judging. :)

    i'm sure now the press clips will start rolling in! GP watch out!

  16. Love it! I spotted you right away when I finally had a chance to read it yesterday! Congrats!

  17. how exciting! also, i am glad someone as classy as you also eats clearance candy!


  18. Your celebratory choices are just wonderful!

  19. That is really, really cool, Lauren!!! Yay for you. I know a start! Oh, that's right, we still haven't met yet. I always have to remind myself of that little nugget.

    I have been meaning to scroll through the new issue and normally do the instant it comes out. The end of school and all the accompanying activities are draining my time!!! I'm so behind on my "other life" online. Off to check out my famous friend!

    xoxo eizabeth

  20. so exciting! congratulations- i'm so excited to check out the new issue.

    I'm so happy that I found your blog! Following you now :)

  21. Congratulations!! That's soo exciting!!


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