Monday Moods: I feel... stuffed.

After looking over my pictures from the last month's trips,
it's obvious I'm a oratory learner.

As in, I experience/learn through shoving food into my pie hole.

How can you understand Greek gods
until you feast on divine street food?

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do.

Paris, the city of bites.

Let's review shall we?

For only €2.50, get a chicken souvlaki pita. Or two. What the heck. You'll only regret it if you don't.
Seriously, these were my favorite part of our Greek cruise. Seriously.

Imagine an ice cream shop, but with greek yoghurt instead.
Now imagine me crying with love.
This place is Fresko, right below the Acropolis. Fantastic service & yoghurt.

Obviously, growing up in Texas I am quite familiar with Tex-Mex.
However, it's always nice to take a refresher course at Mi Cocina. 

Pastries are to Paris what Kate Middleton is to the monarchy.
(a.k.a. the sweetest & most approachable part)
I typically stick to everything chocolate, but have you tried the apricot tarts?
Oh my. Think peaches. Or don't think. Just eat one.

In Paris, there is an entire street in Le Marais named "Falafel Alley."
Which didn't mean anything to me until I put one in my mouth.
For €5, I had a meal that left me stuffed and delirious. They are seriously that good.

But like it always goes...
all good things must come to an end.

One month later,
my jeans feel tight,
and I'm honestly quite uncomfortable
feeling my stomach push into my waistband.

But it was so worth it.

What's something amazing that you've eaten
somewhere special that's left you drooling?
{...and happily chubbier!}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. That yogurt bar has me drooling and so do the pastries! One of my favorite places to get stuffed is Florence, Italy - can't get enough of pasta and gelato. Love feeding myself virtually through your pictures!

  2. I had the best chuckle over "city of bites!" The Nutella crepes in Paris are worth every pound gained! Who even wants to live if you can't have a cookie now and then?! xo

  3. what are you doing Lauren?!! just had lunch and you have made me very very hungry once agaiN!!

  4. everything i ate in paris! and of course in italy i was constantly eating! i'm glad to be back in the states where i can detox...kind of..!

  5. Hmmm...we have a favorite Italian place we eat at every now and then where I will happily endure the carb overload bloating later!

  6. "nice cream"- well it is summer and time for some cream, right?

  7. All of this food is making me very hungry! The best part of a vacation is trying the local food. I loved all of the pastries in Paris. I think the only reason I didn't gain weight on that trip was because we did so much walking!

  8. oi, not jealous at all. don't worry.

  9. my stomach is growling. seriously. it all looks delicious. Matt loves falafel. i'm not such a huge fan but i would definitely try that! and all of it. thanks for sharing!!

  10. There is a Greek restaurant near my and I dream about their Lamb Gyros. Heavily spiced and wonderful with fries in it. Sooooo good! I do love falafel also.

  11. that yogurt bar. no way. i want it!

    i always feel like "i'm traveling- i should treat myself" ... but then traveling has sort of become a way of life for me lately ... so i'm always treating myself. this cycle won't be easily broken!

  12. Loooove all your food porn pics! Seriously getting hungry just looking at them.

    I feel the same way, when I'm on vacation, I overindulge, because hey, I'm on vacation.. I earned it. Right?

    I've been following you forevah! Won't you follow me too?

  13. Greek food is my undoing. I will say that the street food in Prague was where I went completely bananas, though-SO. GOOD. And so filling. I always feel like when I travel abroad though that all the walking about puts my crazy eating in check and I actually feel more svelte there than I do at home!

  14. So jealous right now! I've never been to Europe but cannot wait to get over there in a couple of years and eat EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. xxx

  15. Those pastries look like serious business. My favorite foods are definitely some of the localvore meals I've had in Vermont! The ambience plus the delicious and healthy foods made meals I will never forget.

  16. oh my gosh that yogurt bar might have stolen my heart. add that to the list of oh 132 reasons why i want, no need to go to Greece ASAP :)


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