Why, Yellow.

During rush hour in London,
free news papers are handed out to commuters
as you walk into the Tube.

In the morning, you get the Metro.
In the evening, you get the Evening Standard.

(The latter being my favorite of the two.)

Last night, somewhere along the Bakerloo line,
I saw an article in which the writer credited 
Keira Knightley wearing a yellow skirt 
because she had been inspired by...
The Queen?

 I giggled to myself through the whole piece.

While I'm not sure the Queen was aiming to become a fashion muse 
when she chose her cheery wedding wear earlier this spring...

... or that she can claim all the credit for this shade's inevitable moment in the spotlight....

it is hard to deny:

this summer is yellow's turn under the sun.

ASOS shift dress | ilahandbag dandelion clutch | anthropologie skirt
suede bootie | essie nail lacquer | the great gatsby | kate spade tipsy flats

Start out in small strides with this dangerously fun color.
Try a bag, sandals, or nail polish to figure out which shade works best with your skin tone.

Some beginner's basics for wearing yellow:
 fairer skins, stick to butter & canary yellows.
olive & darker skins, try a brighter shade like neon yellow.


  1. What a gorgeous color-- especially loving the shoes!!

  2. ah the queen...when i think of the epitome of a style icon my mind automatically goes to the queen of england elizabeth II..... ;) i do love a good yellow bag though. speaking of....my most favorite recent purchase?? a beyond lovely yellow hobo clutch wallet. looks like the queen is affecting style across the pond as well.

  3. This is my color obsession, and it definitely is not because of the Queen, haha!

  4. Yellow scares me a bit because of my blonde hair and pasty skin. Its everywhere so I'm getting a little more adventerous with a bag or a piece of jeweklry. I mean, if the Queen can rock it why can't I?! Love the post!

  5. One of my favorite colros! I especially love to wear it in the summer with a tan :) xoxo

  6. I did buy quite a few yellow things on my last H&M shopping spree... now I know why... or should I say who I had in my sub-conscience.....
    Good for her, a trend setter! Competition for Kate.... haha
    xo C.

  7. haha.. maybe the queen just had a heads up on this summer's trend :)

  8. yellow is definitely not mellow. i love that dress and clutch! kiera's skirt is lovely as well. the pleating detail fits with the flirty yellow very well.

  9. Love the asos dress and the Kate Spade flats! The perfect hue of yellow (always a good thing, unless you're going as a highlighter).

  10. I'm loving yellow this year!!!! I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday doll! I have some great news on my blog about my writing! I hope you can check it out. Enjoy your day! Kori xoxo


  11. My dear friend and colleague is wearing a yellow skirt today, and it is quite fetching.

    I rarely wear yellow next to my face, but I'm sure willing to go with those flats!!!

  12. Yellow has always been my favourite colour, my childhood bedroom was even wallpapered in yellow. I've been trying without success for a while now to track down those KS flats. Am now stalking ebays as they are totally sold out.

  13. You found a Great Gatsby in yellow? Wonderful! And that Anthro skirt will be in my closet soon.

  14. Who doesn't need a shot of brightness now and again? Love the Kate Spades and that Essie polishg.

  15. Yellow is such a lift! I have the cutest bright yellow skirt that is just begging to be worn. I think the time has come!!!

    Here's to you, sunshine!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: Paris? Please do share more!

  16. What great inspiration and advice! Will be throwing on a piece or two of yellow this summer!! xoxo

  17. LOL the Metro in New York always has ridiculous comments like that, as well!
    I always feel more confident when wearing yellow; I'm thinking of getting that shift dress or those amazing booties!

  18. i adore those Kate Spade flats! I think there is a matching tote that I heart too :)

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