Wedded Bliss: Poolside Party

As you probably recall,
I just returned from my sister's wedding
over Memorial Day in Dallas.

It was an amazing week
full of fun & seeing good friends...
but I have to say,
the actual wedding festivities took the cake.

They were gorgeous,
and to the credit of my family alone-
no planners enlisted!

Just my mom working her face off on this fabulous fete.

While the professional pictures are yet to arrive,
I thought I would start by sharing some of the pre-wedding fun...

{thanks for the nudge, Helena!}

First up,
the bridal luncheon.

Held at my parents home,

hosted by my lovely aunts,

and reveled in by ME...
I was loving all the fanciness.

Poolside pedicures,

dainty drinks,

and low 80's temperature.


One of my aunts who threw the gorgeous party
also owns a wedding chapel in Oklahoma City, Rose Briar Place.

While I have yet to attend any of her weddings,
I'm now assured that they would be quite the good time.

Especially after dessert was over-

it was her own lemon sorbet... mmm.


  1. aaaw happy to see more! you ladies did a great job! CANT WAIT for more, am I greedy?

  2. next shower I host I will be this kind. everything looks so gorgeous! and i love your parents pool!

  3. Ohh this looks like an absolutely perfect little day!! Cannot wait to see more

  4. gorgeous photos looks like it was a great start to the weekend! cant wait to see more. xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

  5. i love the idea of the pedicures! so cute!

  6. Lemon sorbet sounds amazing!
    This whole pedicures and just having fun, low-key style, sounds great! What a lovely way to have a bridal luncheon!

  7. what a fantastic idea! i wish it was still in the low 80's. i can't handle these 96+ days. thanks for sharing!

  8. This looks like it was a fantastic event! A perfect way for everyone involved to relax before the big day.
    Also, I am a serious fan of your parents' pool!

  9. um, invite me over to your parent's house next time you're in town please!

    that looks like the most fun afternoon!

  10. Amazing! That looks to be the best bridal shower ever! With pedicure by a pool? Insanely jealous right now!

  11. Looks like so much fun!! can't wait to see more photos of the wedding!

  12. what a great idea for a shower! looks like it was a beautiful afternoon.

  13. Looks abslutely lovely!

  14. this event looks soo awesome!! beautiful!!

  15. A lovely day indeed! Great pictures!


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