Regent Tweet 2011

I love free things.

There, I said it...

So when I got invited to this years
I was thrilled.

Regent Street only has some of the BEST shopping in London
(which also means "the world")...
and when stores like Anthropologie, Bose, Brooks Brothers, Penhaligons
are inviting me in for a gift & parties,

...well, let's just say I'll gladly rearrange my schedule to make it happen.

Luckily, my favorite blogging bud, Helena from A Diary of Lovely
came with me for our day of fun.

Here's the run down:

1. Meet at Swarovski Crystal in the upper lounge to get your badge, check in, enter to win Eurostar tickets, meet cool bloggers & editors, put on your badge & game face.

2. Hit the streets. Stop by participating stores, chat, mingle, and get free gift bags, drinks, & nibbles.

3. Tweet as you go.

4. Be a guest at Tibits for lunch. Love your life. It's heavenly, vegetarian, deliciousness.

5. Go see Wicked. (This was a sidestep I had to do for work, but not a bad one!)

6. Stop by the Cocktail Reception on your way to dinner and make husband stand on sidewalk below
to see if you won any of the squillions of additional prizes. 

Somehow, I didn't win any of those... 

Oh well,
there's always next year!

At least,
I hope. 

Pretty please invite me back, Regent Tweet!


  1. Pretty good sharing. Hopefully I can impress by your allocation.:)
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  2. you live quite the charmed life!!

    i too love free stuff... especially on regent street!

    hello, heaven.


    PS - if you ever find those clutches again, will you snag one for me ... i was so sad when they sold out in 2.2 seconds. pleeeease have more foursales!!

  3. What fun! You look so beautiful there, I'm sure they were delighted to have you attend.

  4. OMG love your recap! so funny you went back!! :) Had a great time!!

  5. Sounds like a blast! I love Helena too.. I am sure you two had a ball! Wicked is a show worth seeing. Love it!! xo

  6. What a great your photos treatments! And yay for a free, fun afternoon!!

    Ps...what is your 'job'???

  7. Sounds like a fun day of fun and rewards.

    x Charlotta

  8. Brilliant idea! Looks like a great time too!

  9. Great post. Sounds like a fun day of fun and rewards. You live quite the charmed life!

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  10. Oh, gorgeous event! Love Regent Street, never get tired of walking up and down and looking at all the fab shops! Man, do I miss London.

  11. You are one lucky gal!!! I could rework my schedule next year if they'd like some stateside participants!! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. I think you pretty much experienced the perfect day!


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