The Graduate Wife


There's something big happening Oxford, England.

It's not from the physicists finding the fourth dimension,
 the post-grad researching the dung beetle's impact on African harvests,
or the team starting up a bio-tech company over their summer break.


it's all starting with their lovers.

{Their wives, silly!}

The blog, The Graduate Wife, is new a community for women 
who have put their careers/dreams/lives/spending on hold 
while they support their misters through school. 

I can't say that I feel like I've given too much up this year,
(I actually have, but I'm more than happy with the trade offs)...
but the sacrifices that some people make 
to help their loves chase their dreams are amazing.

{In fact, read this post. I promise- you will get sucked into Katherine's amazing story.}

I'm guest blogging there for the next three days
on a few ways I've survived (and thrived!) during our experience 
of going back to school.

Come say hi. 
Or don't.
But, well, I wish you would!

Are you (or have you been) a graduate wife?

* I may or may not have googled how to spell physicist. Embarassing.


  1. Oh wow, I had no idea that a blog like this existed! Thank you so much for posting...I'm definitely going to have to subscribe now!


  2. Currently am a Graduate Wife! My husband is getting his PhD. We actually met in grad school, so I didn't feel like I "gave up" much, more like just put a lot of adult-life on hold. No house. No vacations. No new (or at least newer) vehicles. We still live like college students.

    But I know it will be MORE THAN worth it. I call my husband "My Little Investment." I figure I invest in him for a few years and he will pay me back in the future.

    I think we have 1 year left.

  3. I was the graduate and my partner was the graduate boyfriend! he was amazingly supportive while i was at law school, really understanding and put up with the stress monster i became! so heads up for the graduate (not) husbands too!


  4. you know i admire you ways Lauren, so off to check it out!

  5. I am currently the Graduate "fiance" and will be until next summer when I will become the Graduate wife, and then he will graduate in August. Next Fall I will be heading off to Graduate school and he will become the Graduate husband. We are taking turns, haha. It definitely amazing to know that your part of a team that supports one another. : )

    PS: I love your blog!!

  6. Off to check it out! I've not been a Graduate Wife, but I had some similar experiences when my husband decided to start his own business.

  7. I was a graduate girlfriend but he was in the area, I had my own apartment.... not too difficult. He was the undergraduate boyfriend b/c he's 2 yrs older and we were 2 hrs away, so that was much harder!

    The blog was really interesting to read and Katherine's story brought tears to my eyes!

  8. excited to read the stories of other's, one of my favorite genres! i've never been a graduate wife, but i admire all of the wives who sacrifice for their husbands.

  9. Great post on the recognizing the understated importance of a supportive wife! I agree with you- so in love with my guy and living in fun, different city made professonal school a beautiful chapter of our lives!

  10. Off to read your posts! I think its so inspiring someone would give up all the other things that seem SO important ... until, they don't. overnight. I'm not a graduate wife but seeing my husband do something he loves is amazing. And if i have to not work and live in europe... so be it ( ; the career is on hold.

  11. Small world!! MC (one of the creators of THE GRADUATE WIFE) is my BFF from college!! And Katherine is a dear friend as well. So happy to see you guest posting on the blog, it's amazing! I'm a grad wife too, and it has definitely been an adventure :)

  12. As you know, I was a graduate wife for the first three years of our marriage. It was hard but so fun too. I definitely saw A more then than I do now. I hope TK finds a job where he doesn't have to work all the time but I he does, you better live by me so we can play while they work :)


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