Sometimes it's okay to take a break from your work to meet a friend for lunch.

Sometimes, those lunches can turn into an afternoon 
of walking through town, shopping, lounging in sunny lawns, 
and chatting about anything & everything.

And sometimes when you spend so much time talking & walking,
you work up an appetite and need to find dinner...

In times like this, you will sometimes go back to the same restaurant 
you ate at two nights before...
because it's just that good.

And sometimes, 
you feel crazy and order feta-filled pastries for dinner
and your friends will sometimes order champagne.

Spinach, squash, feta, and pine nut pithivier with creamed cauliflower. Get. In. My. Belly.

But make no mistake-

it is ALWAYS good to order dessert.

If you're in Oxford, take the 10 minute walk to 

Nestled in Jericho, 
this gastropub is freshly redone, 
has an amazing friendly staff,
and is the perfect place to go with a friend.

Try the Pithivier.

 I'd never heard of one before,
but now I never want to live without it.

What's a way your day can (sometimes) take a turn for the better?

*all images are original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. if i go to oxford soon (okay, in november) i will SO try 'the rickety press'. the food looks...more than delicious.

  2. um, yum. please do get in my belly. :)
    i love when you're having drinks with friends and it turns into a whole night that might involve dancing and more than 2 drinks.

  3. Yummy!! afternoon nap ALWAYS makes my day better...even if it is only for 20 minutes!

  4. It all looks so good. I wish I could just pick up and teleport over to Oxford right now!

  5. Your photographs are utterly incredible, you put me to shame!

  6. Love this "sometimes" post! Desserts can definitely turn a horrible day around for me.

  7. feta filled pastry and champagne?! YES please. sometimes i order something with goat cheese...i just cant get enough. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  8. Love this! It sounds like the perfect way to spend a day! Anytime you can step away from the chaos and just have a fun day is great.

  9. Ooooh yum, what a great way to spend the day!

  10. Nom nom nom.. SOMETIMES, when I read your blog, all I want to do is run to the kitchen and stuff my face. What? Totally normal, right?

  11. We could so be 'real life' friends. I love that you love to eat and know it's okay to indulge...sometimes. :)

    Nothing more lame than a friend poking at a side salad on a lunch date.

  12. Looks like a beautiful day. My day sometimes takes a turn for the better when I request the rest of the day off via our computer system, refresh the screen two or three times, and see that it's approved! Sometimes, the corporate life is not so exciting, ha!

  13. I love days like that : )
    The food looks amazing!

  14. All look so amazing, beautiful post.
    The first image is gorgeous.

  15. Looks divine - both food and decor!! Sounds like a simply marvelous (and delicious) day!!

  16. It all looks and sounds parfait!!

  17. that food looks SO good i want it so bad

  18. You are my type of gal... I totally want to spend an afternoon with you! That food looks so good. xo


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