Monday Moods: I feel... balls-y.

Here in Oxford,
we enjoy a lot of balls.

(if you're saying to yourself: 
"that's what she said..."
then we should probably be friends on twitter.)

On Friday, we attended the St. John's Ball
to celebrate the end of Trinity term,
the final term of England's academic year.

The 2011 theme was
"This Side of Paradise,"
and the whole evening left you feeling 
like you had stepped into a dream.

It was all so very Alice.

Finding myself in an English garden between
hookah tents & string quartets,
as hot air balloons lift around us
into the pink and purple sunset
was, obviously, surreal.

Would you like to see our night in Wonderland?

Jump down the hole 
(or scroll down the page)
 to follow the adventure.

A boy.

His girl.

The gates open.

Exotic plumes on tables.

Exotic plumes on hats.

Exotic plumes everywhere.

Bangers to nosh.

Drinks to sip.

Boys in skirts.

Girls with fancy beaded shirts.

Balloons lifting into the air.

Hookah puffs for those who dare.

Ancient walls to guard the night.

This fancy place was quite the site.

Sigh. It truly was the perfect night.

*image 10 & 11 by Stephanie Poage
** all other images are original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. soo dreamy!! what a perfect evening (:

  2. How idyllic, university balls were such fun!

  3. in black and white the photos look like they're from another time! how beautiful!

  4. This does look like you're in Wonderland- anything with exotic plumes has to be fancy!

  5. hehe-that's what she said :)

    but still-beautiful gala (the other word may have induced me to burst out laughing)

  6. Ah it indeed looked like such a dream- gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  7. Love the photos of your fabulous "alice" evening....

  8. What a magical night! Oh man, all the men look so good. I cannot deny a man in a tux- very James Bond. And you look beautiful! Ahhh.... I cannot wait to go there and see all the fabulousness that is London.

  9. Love the poem and pictures!

  10. What a truly lovely evening! Looks like a great time!

  11. Love it! I wish that people would happily dress up in Texas. :( It looks amazing!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  12. Girl you looked gorgeous!! Really does seem like a dream.

  13. Wow! You are definitely living an amazing life over kind of rabbit hole!

    And, might I add how phenomenal you look, my dear!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  14. How cool. Beautiful photos. It's like watching a movie! xo

  15. Bonjour!
    Lovely photos and very cute blog!!! Love the kilts :)
    Check us out sometime!

    -Jessica & Holly

  16. Awesome post! Looks like a gorgeous and delightful soiree, and you're absolutely charming.
    Leaves me thinking, we canadians AND americans need more balls. :)

  17. you look beautiful in these pics!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Reaffirming my thoughts that the Brits have it right. Looks like something right out of a Fitzgerald novel, my dream!!!


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