My Cute Friend...


We met in ninth grade biology...
and somewhere along the way became friends.

A little group of eight of us became inseparable.

We started a band, Rusted Dragon, that never played-
and now bear the shame of choosing 
the most ridiculous band name ever.

To this day, 
we still laugh until we cry about our pubescent shenanigans.

We even named our group "The Polo Gang..." 
which, in retrospect, is equally embarrassing.

While all of us are now scattered around the world
-each doing completely different, random things-
we're still really close.

And I'm especially close to Vic...
because regardless of how dorky & sheltered we once were,
she is out living the life in Brooklyn as a photographer.

and running the site, 

and, oh, yeah....
and the foodie blog, 

And doggonnit, she's just so dang cute.

Look at her and her husband's new summer cuts.
So cute, I tell you!

I guess since our fake-band never actually started...
it kept us from ever breaking up.

What's your longest-lasting friendship?


  1. My longest and dearest friend I met when I was 9 years old - we have everything and nothing in common - we are so similar and yet so different - know what I mean?! We can pick up with each other after not talking for months and it's like we just chatted 5 minutes ago. We know where each other comes from (and in spite of or maybe because of that we love each other even more), there's something powerful about that.

  2. So sweet -- I love how they photographed the summer cut...too cute. I grew up in a small town, so I had the same friends from 1st grade on. There are 7 of us that are still tight, we travel once a year together, and it's just a friendship that only time can give.

    My husband moved 11 times during his school years, and only ever had a friend for 2 years. Now that we have kids, he wants to stay put until they graduate to help them develop good bonds of friendship and feel the security.

    Wow, were you asking all that? :)

  3. i met one of my BF's in 2nd grade, and then we had the same teacher in 3rd grade. she lives in california now...the exact same city that i lived in when i was out there too. kinda weird. even weirder, she has a son who is going into the 3rd grade. i can still remember the silly things we did back then and still call each other by our nicknames we gave each other then. luckily we stopped singing the diarrhea songs...

  4. What a sweet post! Isn't it lucky to meet someone so special and talented so early in life?

    I met my BF in 8th grade Earth Science (must be something about science class, huh?). I love her for our shared history and I admire her for what she does as a grown-up; she co-founded a non-profit that protects the New England seacoast ( She lives far away now but I get to visit her and her adorable family this August -- I can't wait!

  5. Whoa! They look like two different people!
    I love that you guys started a band. My friends and I started a band this year. It's a Rock Band. As in Beatles Rock Band where we just play the Wii Rock Band and have "band practice."

  6. So funny! We named our nemesis group "the milk and cookies club". Which shows you how "bad" we really were, ha! It's so funny looking back. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Adorable and so lovely that you are still such good friends!!

  8. i wish i could pull her summer haircut off! so cute.


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