Monday Moods: I feel... stereotyped.

When you think of England,
what images come to mind?

Green grass, sheep, patchwork hillside, stoney cottages?

Yeah, me too.

Especially after exploring the Cotswolds this weekend.

I took a group on a seven hour walk/hike through the country side.

And if any of you want to do that,
come on over.

After going out there once,
I'm going to be finding any & every excuse to explore more of the Cotswolds.

We started at Bourton-on-the-Water
(also regarded as "The Venice of the Cotswolds")
walked up through Lower & Upper Slaughter,
and then up and around some hills.
Until we somehow circled back into town
in time to spend the afternoon in the garden of a tea room
 adjacent to Bourton-on-the-Water's famous canal.

The hike was very easy,
and the scenery was extremely rewarding.

I would highly recommend this day trip
for anyone who is looking to do something a bit less touristy
on their next trip to Britain...

 I would also highly recommend inviting me to go with you...

After all, 
I do know where the stop for homemade ice cream is along the way.

*all images are original to Aspiring Kennedy
** if you'd like to see more pictures from our day, check out my pinterest boards


  1. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day and the ice cream would definitely have made my hike! Love the old walls and all the green...

  2. Erm are you free this Saturday? Looks putting it at the top of my to do list...

  3. I love the Cotswold area it is so pastoral and just what any city dweller needs to hear her/himself think and unwind. The pictures are beautiful

  4. Such a lovely way to spend the day- your photos are so so pretty.

  5. Is this an invite?! I'd love to go!
    I am here now and loving London so much.

  6. sooo pretty! love these countryside photos :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. AHHH! You were walking my little corner of the UK. The Cotswolds are my temporary patch and I just love Bourton on the Water!

    Gorgeous photo's!

  8. so lovely Lauren!

  9. Its always important to have a guide who knows where the ice cream stop is! These photos are gorgeous!

  10. Ahhhh, sigh. You've taken me back to my childhood roots - I love it!

  11. Agree with Will! We are both from round there and it's so gorgeous! Will always love the rolling Cotswold hills xxx


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