The World is Flat: Flat Crawl

As our friends in Oxford slowly start to evaporate 
into the future of their new homes & jobs,
we are finding any and every excuse to spend time together.

Last night, I was lucky enough to score an invite
to a "flat crawl" through the complex of graduate housing
where some of our good friends live.

Each participating flat had a picked an international destination
and prepared a course to go with it.

We had thai food, indian street food, middle eastern food, mexican food...
and mostly, 
we had some serious fun.

our orientation to street food from india. so good- so hot!!

i will definitely have to find this on the beaches in goa.

my friend rebecca, from-israel-though-went-to-boarding-school-in-kenya, made her own pita.
and rolled it out with a wine bottle. genius... and, oh, the most delicious treat ever!

mini lamb-skewers served on flat rocks
that rebecca pulled out of the ocean along the coast of wales.
(.... how do people like this exist? ....)

ah.... futons and yellow lighting. student accommodation is awesome! :)

After our bellies were stuffed
from all of the incredible dishes,
a huge group gathered to play mafia.

Have you ever played mafia?

I'm really horrible at it...
so bad that I'm always killed off at the first, 
but always innocent.

  I still think it's so fun!

What were your Saturday night plans?


  1. Oh you bright young things! Brains and cooking skills, how unfair.

  2. Glad you had a nice evening Lauren! Cant believe its been a year! When did you exactly come?? Lets meet this week, cant wednesday though :( Ill text you later (sooo overdue, sorry!!!) xxxx

  3. This looks exceptional!I just stumbled across your digital masterpiece.

  4. I like the idea of a flat crawl- how much fun is that?! And pulling those rocks out of the water is such a cool idea but one I would never think of in a million years!

  5. Ahhh... the Brits version of a pub crawl. Though, I'm sure they do that well, too!

    Just love you are embracing every minute while you're there. How much longer? 1 more year??

    xoxo e

  6. What a fun idea! I can never think of creative new foods to try, but you've inspired me to look into lamb. What a fun weekend for you! :)

  7. oooh mafia! we used to play that game for hours in college - we'd even turn all the lights out and light candles to make it esp. eerie. good times!

    p.s. so awesome to hear from you again, friend. i've missed ya!

  8. WOW... that food looks incredible. I need more talented friends to cook for me like that!

  9. how did i miss this delicious post?? ok, i was in NY...that'y why. but, i'm glad i caught it. i'm seriously sitting here with a growling tummy. yeah, i was celebrating a wedding in brooklyn on saturday. woo.


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