Oxford English Dictionary- Volume 6

This is one my of least favorite discrepancies between UK & US verbage...

for some reason,
calling jell-o a "jelly" just doesn't sit well.

{Pun intended.}

Both of these treats are fantastic, in my opinion.

There's nothing better than some a warm scone 
covered in clotted cream & jam...
or a bowl of chilly jell-o on a hot day. 


Do any of you remember 
the jell-o egg molds from the nineties
that would come available around Easter?

Or jell-o jigglers?

I spent a lot of my youth trying to consume my body weight in both.


  1. well that's so confusing! haha. come to think of it - i haven't seen a jell-o commercial in ages! you're right, it must be just a 90s thing!

  2. I call it Jam too but Jello- jello...so I guess I'm a bit British and a bit US...that's what typically happens here in Canada anyways:)

  3. Haha you are so bringing me back! Those 90s jello mold. Too funny!

  4. this amused me! i could never, ever call jam 'jelly'! also, you need to remember the distinction between jam and marmalade :)


  5. I love learning things like this! Keepit coming! I would confuse the heck out of people though if I lived there....would never get it right!

  6. Yes, I've learned this living in Australia too - I find the jelly-jell-o one of the hardest ones to remember.

    peanut butter and jam just doesn't sound the same.


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