A Camelot Wedding: Part 1

After yesterday's post about my friend, Julie's Wedding,
it seems I am on a bit of a roll.

I was so excited when I saw the email hit my inbox that
my sister's wedding pictures 
had been edited & released
from the fabulous photographer, Larry Sengbush. 

As it is with wedding pictures,
there were so many to choose from...
but since I don't normally blog about weddings,
well... except for yesterday,
I thought I'd really go for it with this one
and go for two big, photo-stuffed posts.

{Because honestly, who doesn't love seeing young love?}

Of course, I'm completely biased, 
but here is what was amazing 
about Meredith & Jackson's wedding:

 It proved that traditional church weddings aren't out.

While a lot of weddings are moving to rustic & kitschy settings,
it was nice to see an amazing wedding held in a traditional way.
It actually made me wish there were more like this now, 
but every couple has to do what works for them!

 The music was perfect.

No booty dancing, no grandma's covering their ears, 
no drunk groomsmen riding their pretend horsey around the dance floor...
Just a live band with rat-pack classics
that had everyone feeling flirty and festive.

 The flowers and reception were gorgeous.

My sister wanted two things at her wedding: a french feel and pink.
Both of these were running strong... 
just wait until the reception post!

These pictures offer a glimpse of the wedding,
of how cute Meredith & Jackson are,
and of my family...
because I'm just too proud not to show them off. 

It was such an amazing evening,
and I'm honoured to have been a part of such a special union!

loved her shoes. {vera wang, luna}

all the bryan ladies

lord, help the mister... who comes between me & my sister.

cutest parents in the world, i tell ya

don't be fooled. i'm still his favorite.

after years of therapy, my niece, maggie, decided to start walking the week of the wedding...

we didn't know if she could make it all the way down the aisle. but she did, yelling "mommy! daddy!" the whole way.
so yeah, we were all basically weeping at this point.

the {revised} bryan family

after shock

jackson surprised meredith with a gorgeous wedding band... one that she never expected to get.
he slid it on her finger at the altar and her face was priceless. it was great!


  1. Oh goodness! You made me weepy with those photos of your sweet niece. And all these photos of such happy people is just making me all warm inside. Congrats to the beautiful couple (and their beautiful family).

  2. Oh I am so glad that Dancing Branflake said that because I too had a tear in my eye. Such a beautiful wedding, I love the platinum silver bridesmaids' dresses and look at your beautiful mum - now I know where you get your looks from.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! You all looked beautiful and thanks for sharing such a special day with all of us:)

  4. your sister looks stunning! i adore her shoes and dress. you have a gorgeous family and an adorable niece (such a sweet story). i cant wait to see more photos! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! You and your sister really favor each other - both very pretty ladies! I, too, had a traditional church wedding with a jazz quartet at our reception. No groomsmen doing the pony dance, thank you, mam. :)

  6. oh wow such beautiful pictures and SO much happiness on everyone's faces! I absolutely adored her dress and you (and the bridesmaids) looked beautiful - I loooove the dresses she picked out for you!

  7. What a lovely wedding, you can tell how much everyone loves one another and how much true joy was in the air.

  8. What a stunning bride and wedding!

  9. i'm getting way more emotional as the years go by, and i literally got misty just looking at your sister and then little, adorable maggie! my heart literally leapt out of my chest for her.
    i love traditional weddings too!

  10. so sweet!

    and i love the joy on your niece's face as she walks down the aisle :)

    such a happy day!

  11. so beautiful! love looking at wedding pictures and dreaming away because it is so far off from me..such a dream!
    xo emily

  12. oh wow! what a special day! everyone looks so beautiful, proper southern belles and your niece looks so happy to be walking (love the walker decor too!)


  13. Oh, such fun!!!Your sister is beautiful - you can tell you're sisters!!! I love her beautiful dress, those flowers, those shoes....and your niece!

    You made me feel good, as I had the traditional Dallas church wedding....and have been feeling very dull and boring whenever I see the Style Me Pretty sight and all the cool destination weddings.

    But, as you and I know...the wedding is the beginning. It's the marraige that counts. Can't wait for the reception photos!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  14. What a gorgeous, heartfelt day...you all look stunning, but your little niece almost outshone the bride by the looks of it, what a cutie :D

  15. What a beautiful bride, wedding, family, and can I just say, that those are the prettiest bridesmaid dresses I have ever seen!, and your sisters dress was so elegant, pretty, and classic...all stunning...and yes, I teared up when reading Maggie's part...so touching and sweet! You go ahead and post as many wedding posts as you want...it's lovely to be able to 'attend' these very special occasions through your eyes.
    xo J~

  16. How beautiful and happy your family looks! I too got teary with the pictures of your niece- what a wonderful moment!

    Can't wait to see the reception! I love vicariously attending weddings!


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