A Camelot Wedding: Part 2

Earlier I showed you the pretty wedding
for Meredith & Jackson...
now, on to the reception!

The reception was at 

The giant windows offered a really pretty view of Dallas
and the inside glowed with pink!

A few of the highlights:

The PINK wedding cake.
It's hard to tell it's pink in the pictures,
but I loved the subtle color change. 
And holy moly... was it tall!

The long center table.
So french. So fancy. 
Such an interesting twist 
on the standard table plan.

Warm Cookies & Mini Bottles of Milk
Midnight snack anyone?

If the pink doesn't leave you feeling all girly and gushy,
just look at how much Meredith & Jackson are into each other.

They were putting the whole wedding crowd in a good mood
just by watching them have so much fun together.

my mom is amazing. no wedding planner... all done by her!

back-lit bar with the couple's monogram. swanky!
marc toussaint is amazing. if you're in dallas, use him! he's the best.

the good news is: it looks like the like each other.

warm chocolate chip/lemon ricotta cookies.
plain, chocolate, or strawberry milk? you pick. (love the mini glass bottles + monograms!)

this picture is fantastic.

my grammy was an east texas beauty queen in the 1940's. i think she's still got it.

french garden fountain? why not.
the {other} happy couple.


  1. I can't believe your mom did all that- its gorgeous! I love the monogram and silhouette details

  2. oh wow! Well your mom should BE a wedding planner because that was absolutely breath-taking! So gorgeous I cannot STOP looking at those pictures!

  3. Wow! What an amazing affair. That chocolate milk bar is the best.

  4. I had an AWESOME time at this wedding. Chills at the ceremony and you're right, its been a long time since I've been to a traditional ceremony as such. Loved it..and the reception, and your family! Miss you, My best to the rents!

  5. It is too beautiful to be real!
    xo emily

  6. super swanky and fabulous. looks like quite an amazing night.

  7. So charming - the warm milk and cookies is such an adorable touch!!

  8. I love the Tower Club....and I've been to a number of receptions there. But, none as pretty in pink and elegant as Meredith's!!! I do adore the monogram on the bar and on the little milk bottles.

    So beautiful...so happy you shared this!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Truly a dream wedding...every beautiful bit!
    xo J~

  10. would love to know where they got the milk bottles from.

  11. Would love to know where the mini milk bottles came from....

  12. would love to know where they got the milk bottles from.

  13. Beautiful, Beautiful wedding....would love to know where you got the milk bottles from!?

  14. Beautiful, Beautiful wedding, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! would love to know where you got the milk bottles from?!


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