One Year Ago...

...we moved from Dallas to Oxford.

It's been such an amazing 12 months...

We have done so much...
and at times, so little.

We'll always remember that Oxford taught us to...

properly wear "black tie",

shamelessly travel the world, 

and make life-long friends.

We'll never forget this time.

Thanks for being a part of our journey through school...
let's see what new things London can teach us.

What's changed in your life over the past year?


  1. What a fabulous year for you! I cannot wait to see what the next year beholds.

  2. YAH! what a sweet post. congrats on your last year, sounds like it was a pretty fantastic one! last year i started the blog. got engaged. changed jobs... and this year brings lots more changes. i cant wait! :) xo

  3. We'll be down for our wedding anniversary in December -i love London then, we must meet up!

  4. What a wonderful journey+adventure. I'm glad I found your blog :)

  5. Great post! You are both adorable. Well, we have just about finished building our home and my sons lacrosse team won the national championships for his age! So two very exciting things!
    Your last year sounds really exciting, filled with lots of wonderful and happy events!

  6. i can't think of anything nearly as awesome in my life that has changed within the past year...because moving to oxford is amazing!

    glad you've learned alot though this past year :)

  7. i might as well just ditto this post.

    plus i learned to say cheers instead of thanks. and i cant stop.

    I'm scotland bound in two weeks. time to learn a new language...i know its supposed to be english...they lie.

  8. What's changed, our babies are University bound and our little girl turned 12. What! Time goes fast and I love how you embrace and live life to the fullest!
    Cheers. Happy one year!

  9. aww! what a sweet post. i'm feeling a little bittersweet for you guys. :) for me, i've started blogging in the last year, started a design business, and had leg surgery. :) a lot of things and a lot nothings.

  10. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already!
    Glad you're still going strong over there.

  11. I started following your blog, because I don't know why, just stumbled across it one day and I am completely hooked. Was here for "The Wedding" and am now back again visiting friends on my way to my cousins wedding in Frankfurt (the customs agent at Heathrow was highly suspicious). I love England and can only imagine the wonderful things you discovered during your 12 moths here. Enjoy the next adventure!

  12. What a great post! Can't wait to read about your continuing adventures.

  13. I love this... I just moved to a town outide Oxford this month, so I'm just at the start of my England journey...

  14. Sounds like a lovely journey.

  15. It's been so fun following along and reading about your journey -- can't wait to keep going!!

  16. A baby will change your life. I can't remember my life a year ago! Just kidding! Of course I can, but life's more amazing now!


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