Tuscany Day Trip: Lucca

For all of you dreaming & planning a trip to Italy,
here is the continuation of my favorite day trips from Florence.

This one, though, is my favorite. 

Tyler & I call it "our" town...
which it, obviously, is not,
but whenever we walk it's sleepy streets drenched in sunlight,
 it feels like it was built just for us.

Lucca is about an hour and a half northwest of Florence,
and- in my completely insignificant opinion-
represents all that is wonderful in the world.

Clean, rich, romantic...
this walled-city offers the best in dining,
relaxed days riding bikes along it's ancient walls,
and evenings with Puccini's famous operatic tunes
floating through the windy towns idyllic streets.

(Puccini was born in Lucca and nightly concerts are consistently available.)

If you go to Lucca, please let me know.

I would love to hear how you spent your day in "our" town.

To see:

Lucca's uniquely shaped Anfiteatro.
This oval-shaped piazza now serves as a social base
for restaurants, shops, and prestigiously priced apartments,
but it was once home to the town's small coliseum.

Il duomo di Lucca
Set centrally in the city, the main church in Lucca
shows off the city's unique architecture.
Most days, the piazza is full of daily markets selling clothes, honey, and meats.

To eat:

Trattoria da Giulio
I first found this restaurant through an article in Virtuoso Life,
and since then- it's a guaranteed stop every time we are in Lucca.

Though the restaurant sits near the city walls,
and almost as far away from the tourist zone possible...

once you see the wall of celebrities that have dined there, 

 you'll know you've come to the right spot.

With first and second courses ranging between 5-7 euro, 
you'll be happy to have moved out of the city center
for this local gem that serves Tuscan (and Lucchese) classics like
tortelli Lucchese (a rich tortelli filled with veal, beed, and pork)
salsiccia e fagioli (don't be fooled by it's simple look- this is tasty!)
or mixed antipasti full of polenta, vegetables, and meats.


Lucca has great shopping,
but for a local find-
look out for the copper bakeware and pots.

Made in Lucca, these are gorgeously hand-crafted
and reasonably priced around 40 euro each.


Rent bikes near the walls of the city
{these should cost you around 3 euro per bike per hour)
and take the path around the city on the walls.

This is a popular route for locals and tourists alike,
as this high walls offer an easy path 
set along the Tuscan hills.

{You're gonna love it there.}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I love this post and your photos - Lucca is also one of my favorite places. It's so beautiful and full of history yet it, unlike so many other tourist hotspots, hasn't lost any of its wonderful atmosphere.

    A few things I'd recommend are: the Summer Festival held each year, Caffè di Simo, and Torre Guinigi - definitely worthwhile for first-time visitors, but I imagine you've already climbed it?

    I've added you to my blog list - have a look at my blog if you're interested :)

  2. you couldn't be any cuter on those bikes! i love it! great shots, once again and i love your tips. :)

  3. ahh! how fun i want to visit this city and rent some bikes :)
    also SO good to see some tasty italian food.. i read on another blog that italian food isnt what americans dream of ... can you believe that?! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. it sounds like perfection! I cannot wait until I make it back to Italy.

    Your posts are always so beyond dreamy. I am wholeheartedly living vicariously through you at the moment!

  5. Such a well crafted and informative post. Love love love Italy and I would love to go there someday and ride bikes with my honey.

  6. Copper pans? Want! You two on bikes? SUPER CUTE!

  7. I can see you are enjoying my country very mich!!
    I am so glad!!!

    ♥ Ylenia
    from longuette

  8. Looks beautiful- I want to plan an Aspiring Kennedy Italy trip immediately!

  9. I hope you walked up way too many creepy stairs to see the beautiful view! Also got the best block of parm there!
    xo emily

  10. I adore Lucca! I tell everyone, even Italians, that simply must visit it if they ever find themselves in Italy. My favorite thing is to rent bikes and circle the walls, pull up a patch of sunny grass and just relax. I was lucky enough to be there for one of their monthly market days and it was just a gift. Such a lovely place!

  11. It looks dreamy and I love that you got to experience it by bicycle!! xo

  12. great pictures!! i would love to come here one day :)

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