Italian Prada Outlet: How & Where

While my parents were here,
my mom & I got a bit fixated 
on the notion of finding some good Italian outlets.

We had heard through legend that these buried retail treasures exist, 
but other than this luxury folklore-
 we had no other information.

We googled and we searched...
and we found a few clues.

With only a few random addresses
and our trusty Fiat Panda we had been loaned,
we set off in search of some great deals.

And fortunately-
we got lucky!

So, in case any of you ever find yourself in this same spot-
here is my breadcrumb trail
in hopes of helping you on your retail journey.

The Prada Outlet

This was a result of trying to find a Williams Sonoma outlet.
Apparently, the vague address we found in Montevarchi, Italy
was for only  their buying office
-which though full of very nice people-
didn't have any pretty finds available for purchase.

Luckily, our new friends at the buying office
pointed us down the street in that same small town
to the famous-yet-elusive Prada outlet.

We went.
We loved.
We cried.

{Not really, but it was amazing.}

The Prada outlet shone like a luxury oasis
in the midst of a remote, industrial dessert.

Here's what to expect:

Glossy retail displays and high security.

Prada's last season goods.

Previous merchandise from sister brands like Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Church's
(though Prada & Miu Miu make up 90% of the store)

Prices about 1/2 of retail.
Most handbags are priced around £400/$750
Shoes range from £50/$75 to £300/$500
Clothes range from £30/$50 to £600/$900

So will you be scraping through dirty shelves finding rare steals?


But will you be able to find a great pair of shoes for $100 that would have cost you $400 at Saks?


and you will also squeal with delight!

Here's how to get there:

There were taxis waiting for shoppers, 
but I'm assuming that you'll be coming with your own car.

So these are my directions.
Google Montevarchi and start trucking that way.

Drive the most goregous drive ever
through the Tuscan hills.

Google maps will get you the correct address,
but the tricky part is that the store is unnamed.

It used to go by the original name
"i pelleteria di Italia"
but has since changed to

{I know, this may sound a bit confusing, but it's actually easy.}

Look for the random signs that point you to "SPACE"
and drive all the way back to the end of the alley,
park your car,
and sprint walk through the cement walls around the end of the building.

It's important that you notice the ticket dispenser by the door.
You must have a ticket number in order to purchase anything,
so grab one on your way in.

From that point,
it's all up to you...

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Oh, you lucky gal! If I ever make it to Italy someday, I know where I'm making my first stop! (After I find pizza, of course!)

  2. No! No way! shopping with mom is the best. Prada Outlet shopping is really just ridiculous. Could those shoes get any cuter?!

  3. oh drool. That's one thing I miss from the US - outlets! I know there's Bicester Village in the UK, but without a car it's impossible to get to :(

  4. omg i would have such an adrenaline rush. i feel like its what athletes must feel before they have their game, I feel that way before I go on a shopping excursion like this one. oh i must go here.

  5. and great find!! those shoes are TDF.

  6. bookmarking this post for future travels...sounds like a dream and those shoes are gorgeous. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. uuuh me want NOW! saving it in my brain memory for the future :)

  8. Okay, this place sounds slightly tricky to find, but I am definitely going to try and find it.

  9. ohmygosh. heaven is most certainly in italy!

  10. Have been to a Space/Prada outlet upstate NY...actually got great deals on shoes there and a wallet as a gift for someone. Its all a matter of luck and knowing your prices!

  11. highly jealous. and those SHOES are amazing!! and here i am excited to be hitting up the Saks off Fifth store that just opened in OKC….

  12. I am dying to know how you tracked down the outlet! I am living in Italy right now and am desperate to find one in the North!

  13. I'm excited for you and those shoes! What a great find!

  14. SWOON! What an adventure! Totally bookmarking this in the hopes that I too can one day make the trek. Gorgeous shoes, btw!


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