Monday Moods: I feel... nailed.

In my final moments in the States,
I took the time to indulge in a luxury 
that I miss out on living in England.

I got a pedicure.

Sure, we have pedicures here in England...
but they just aren't the same.

The salons don't have the big massage chairs & a decade of gossip magazines,
the leg massages are a bit skimpy,
and I have yet to see any customer be offered
a plastic cup of {boxed} wine.

Almost all of these could be overlooked-
but the real trouble is
that pedicures cost about twice as much here in England
than they do in the States.

In the midst of hugging loved ones,
chowing on Mexican food,
and shopping at Saks & Nordstroms-
I spent an hour in pure US nail salon bliss...
complete with all the standard elements:

Hobby Lobby Decor...

Customers who couldn't say no
to the hard-sell for eye-brow waxing...

Scary mannequin hands decked out in air-brushed nail art.

A well-attended Buddhist shrine.

Boxed wine from a mini-fridge.

This was the 2nd of 3 glasses a woman next to me had... 
{Easy there, mama!}

The sweetest women who can do nails
like nobody's business....

While bar-be-que and 100 degree heat make me feel like a Texan,
something about getting a pedicure
sure did remind me that I was back in America.

It also reminded me of this stand-up sketch 
by Anjelah Johnson...

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I almost got a pedicure with my dancing friends in London (those weeks of intense dancing left are feet pretty gnarly) but was always hesitant because, like you said, it wasn't the same. Although, nail places in general scare me. I'm always worried I wont get what I want and end up having to pay way more than expected.

  2. ahahaha LOVE that comedienne! too funny.

  3. There is something so relaxing about getting a fabulous pedicure! I am sooo overdue! xo

  4. hahaha that cracks me up every time! in italy it's totally different too. (i.e., def not as good.)

  5. Wow - my nail salon doesn't serve wine!! All we get is a bowl of cheap peppermint candy! I adore pedicures and you're reminding me that it's time to go and get into my fall colors!!

  6. hahahaha that's so completely true! i may have to go get a mani/pedi now :)

  7. Oh I've heard that they aren't the same there and that they're so expensive. I'm feeling a bit spoiled right now that there's the most fabulous one right around my corner and I indulge in the spa pedi all the time! Someone needs to make a business of that there, right?

  8. OMG my favorite video EVER!!! Made my day :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. manis and pedis are my happiest indulgence.

  11. Too funny - I think I may have to introduce the box wine service at our local salon! Just invested in Butter's Chimney Sweep for the fall so I'll be thinking of you this season!


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