Style Picks: One Day

 Have you seen One Day yet?

Whether it was the heartbreaking love story,
Jim Sturgess looking dreamy,
Anne Hathaway looking hilariously dorky,
or my bias to the London & Edinburgh backdrop...

I'm not so sure.

But I am sure that if you haven't seen it
you need to grab a girlfriend, 
some tissues & your favorite bag of junk food from a gas station...
and go see it tonight.

I don't want to have to tell you again.

It's just that good. 

Today I'm in Edinburgh myself,
and this place has me constantly thinking of the film.

So in honor of love & gorgeous style-
here are my own style picks for a look that is perfect for
One Day... & Night.

Two looks
- that are totally British -
and completely perfect for one day (and night) here in the UK.

Jimmy Choo whirl flats | rich & skinny toffee jeans | J Crew fisherman cardigan
T by Alexander Wang tank | pearl earrings | M.Patmos leather & wool jacket | Hunter Boots 


  1. You have no clue how bad I want to see that film! I saw the preview for it two days before I left for England and I was like "They're in Scotland!!! I'm going to Scotland, too!" I just love Edinburgh and I love love love this outfit. So perfectly British indeed.

  2. You're in Edinburgh! I am so jealous! I went to grad school at the U of E and One Day definitely took me back to my wonderful time there. Have fun!

  3. i LOVE those flats. gorgeous colors!
    and yes.. i need to add this one to my netflix and have a girls movie night! xo

  4. it looks so cute! but i can't get over anne hathaway's english accent in the seems way too fake! eek! :) loveeeee the wellies!

  5. Oh I'm stuck in with the arborist today and tomorrow otherwise I would have tried to meet up with you, have great day in Auld Reekie!

  6. i still am hoping for hunter boots one day!

    and i loved this book, so i'm thinking i'll love this movie too. can't wait to see it!

  7. Well now, I'm meeting up with a girlfriend today for a movie so I'll put this one on my list (it's her turn to pick but I'll nudge).

  8. Oh, that's one of my husband's favorite places. He visited there while studying at Oxford his junior year abroad. I haven't seen the film yet - it does look like a tear jerker. And, love the wardrobe picks!

  9. how very british of you. and im DIEING to see One Day. forcing the bf to take me this weekend.

  10. I read the book and loved it except for the ending. I was dying to see the movie, but then started seeing the trailers and wasn't sure if I was going to love it. I've yet to go, but if you loved it I'm going to give it a chance and try and sneak in a showing this weekend.

  11. One of the scenes filmed in Paris was the street I lived on after I stayed with y'all in Oxford this summer! I nearly jumped out of my seat in the theater! Loved this movie.

  12. Okay, I'm adding this movie to my list. Love getting rave reviews that guarantee a worthy movie outing.

  13. i read the book a couple years ago & i completely forgot they were making a movie. will have to go see it! and can i pleaseeeee have those jimmy choo's! and i love that j.crew cardi. wondering why i haven't seen it yet...

  14. Oh my goodness! I seriously want each and every item on your picklist! And I've been dying to watch this movie, but I've been wanting to read the book first, and seeing as I haven't even purchased it yet, I doubt I'll make it to the theaters. Almost thinking about scratching the book idea.. ESPECIALLY after reading this post. Le sigh.. such a dilemma! LOL.

  15. I just downloaded it to my Nook (thanks to the public libraries that allow eReader downloads!!!). Maybe I'll be able to read it...before it expires.

  16. i am dying to see this movie, and now more so since you posted these awesome style picks! xoxo

    Hope you're doing well!

  17. I wondered if that film was good... now I HAVE to go see it. Love your inspirational outfit too! xo

  18. I cant wait to see this film. Adore the outfit choices. Those Jimmy Choo flats, are a must have.

  19. oooooh, thanks for the recommendation...I'll add it to my movie list!

  20. oooh I wish I had seen this earlier so we could had talked about it, favourite book this year and really enjoyed the movie, lets talk about it over food, shall we???

  21. I want to see that! You've just re-affirmed it... I'm doing it!!!!


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