Monday Moods: I feel... small town.

Being fancy can be fun.

Dressing up in gowns,
& traveling with your girlfriends
are all certainly are lovely.

While those glittery things keep me constantly dreaming,
it can be the simplest of things that get me giddy.

After paying for our lunch yesterday
 at a pub next door to Beatrix Potter's farm,
we were invited by the bar tender 
to the marrow contest
 he was headed to judge.

A... Marrow Contest?

Apparently, a Marrow is a mutantly huge courgette/zucchini.

{Like huge as in last year's winner weighed 115 lbs.}

But beyond gigantic vegetables that could outweigh a teenager....

and vegetables dressed up in funny costumes...

and colorful vegetables grown by local school children...

and a cash-prized prize for 
accurately guessing the weight of marrows...

... there was, most importantly,
a delicious tea time
served by sweet people
who were happy to share their yummies with us.

So while it might seem a little hokey
and, undoubtedly, a little random...
I'll gladly take it.


  1. FuN! whats that MASSIVE thing?!? courgettes?? AMAZING!

  2. omg i want to be there. when i was in ireland we went to a farm fair or something? where people were showing their farm animals..giant cows. almost as cool as giant courgettes. almost.

    i love the country.

  3. No way! I really did laugh out loud all through this post! I love the photograph of you with the absolutely humungous marrows.

  4. Love how one adventure can lead to another... Those vegetables are worthy of Peter Rabbit!

  5. that's hilarious! how do they get them so big? gotta love the small towners. that's what life is all about! :)

  6. that looks delightful! and SO Wallace and Gromit! I love England and all their gardening prowess. We just took a trip to Oxford and London two weeks ago with our kids. my sister is a doctorate student and was married to her fellow doctorate student husband in Exeter College Chapel. I've loved reading your blog leading up to our trip and wish you all the best as you move to London! Check out my blog to see photos from our dreamy time over the pond.

  7. I love that there's a competition for this! What a unique experience- though I also want you to post on Beatrix Potter's farm :)

  8. How in the world is a vegetable that size even possible? These pictures are exceptional. I will be conducting research at Oxford this coming Summer and am really looking forward to it.

  9. I love this! Definitely a different side of England but it's a side I adore.

  10. How fun! I love going to small town festivals and events in the fall! It's always relaxing and heartwarming! :)

  11. Your pictures look so fabulous! Small town festivities (especially during the late summer and fall) are tons of fun and so enjoyable! Can't believe those veggies! I hope you picked up many yummy treats xoxo

  12. Love! It's so great to take the time to not take life too seriously. I think everyone could use a dose of Giant Vegetable Show every now and then. :)
    PS Whatever the filter on the pics, it gives a great nostalgic feel to the post.

  13. Oh my gosh this looks like an absolute BLAST!!! A marrow, eh? I may have to break this term out at my local farmers market!

  14. 3 cheers for small towns! After experiencing an amazing outpouring of love and support from our adopted community....I have to say, I now understand the beauty of the small town. It's like one big extended family.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  15. Okay what?!! Never knew they came in that size!
    And I want to have afternoon tea with these peeps!

  16. SO crazy, looks like a lot of fun! Also, just wanted to say that I adored your feature in Hearth Home!xx

  17. This is the very *best* kind of hokey and random!
    xo J~


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