Packing for Paris

Today we are off to Paris with our dear friends,
Anthony & Kellee....

{Kellee is the one I surprised last year the week she was due in Dallas, remember?}

They have been here with us in London for several days,
and we have been having the BEST time.

{It's great to be reunited with good friends, isn't it?}

After taking London by storm,
 this party is moving east.

We are headed out on the Eurostar
to introduce our friends to Paris.

While my bags are packed with my closet's finest....
here's one ensemble that I can only dream of packing.

malachite rolex | asos lychee flats | dorothy perkins blazer | h&m dress | ysl lipstick

This look is just right for Paris in October, n'est pas?

Something about it just screams:
 parfume, peonies, & patisseries.

{ Sigh. }

Oh well.

If I can't take take the designer closet,
I suppose four days in Paris
with my love
and our best friends
will just have to suffice. 


If you could be anywhere with anyone,
what scenario would you choose for this weekend?


  1. anywhere....with my family
    even the local diner would make me happy.

  2. That is a beautiful look you've out together.
    Hmm, with hubs In London, cocktails at Claridge's fumoir, then dinner Lebanese food would be yum and then next day a walk on Hampstead heath.

  3. you are so so so lucky! i would love a weekend jaunt to the city of light! that pink lipstick screams paris! i love it! hmm, i would go somewhere in the mountains with manu for a chilly, cozy weekend in the country!

    marissa @ the boot

  4. I would be in Paris with my husband!! We lived in Fontainebleau for 3 months last fall and I am still dreaming about France! And that outfit is so chic! Have a fantastic weekend.

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  5. I'd be in Paris w/ you guys!! Love your outfit... those colors are right up my alley! Have fun pretty girl! xo

  6. I've found your blog through Megan @Across The Pond and it's so nice!

    Lucky you! I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago and wrote a post about the things I loved the most:

    For this w-e, I cannot complain as I'll be visiting a couple of my fav stores, maybe a day trip to a city near Brussels and I'll bake pizza with my adorable husband...

  7. Enjoy Paris. How lucky...what a fun weekend getaway. I was there in April and I'm already itching to go back. This time of the year I love weekends in the Hamptons.

  8. I would love to travel to Paris is a style just like your creation today!! The outfit is fabulous!! I hope you have a wonderful trip xoxo

  9. Um, I would be where you are! I want to go back to Paris with my husband badly but may have to wait awhile for that! I'm very jealous you're so close!

    Can't wait to see what all you do!

  10. I would definitely pick Paris as well. I have not had a vacation alone with my husband since we had children...I'm thinking he should take me back there next year since it will be our ten year anniversary!! Ha!

  11. I'm dying to go to Paris! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic weekend. If I could be anywhere this weekend, I'd be in Barcelona with my friends. It's my favorite city in the world and so much fun!

  12. When I saw the first line of your post I was like "Well, of course she's going to Paris this weekend. Could we expect anything less?" And then you showed this outfit and I was like "Waaaah! I want to go to Paris!"

  13. swooning over that blush pink blazer! have so much fun in paris, friend!

  14. Have a great weekend!! Love your picks - I'm sure you'll look fab in whatever you wear!!

  15. I covet that watch. It's beeyootiful. I'm actually headed on a vacay of my own this weekend -- a week long road trip through Southern California! So I'm right where I want to be. :)

  16. So beautiful! And Paris...*sigh*...have a lovely weekend my dear!


  17. It's really hard not to hate you. :)

    If I could go anywhere, I might honestly go back to Paris. But, this time, I wouldn't take anyone. I wouldn't have to make other people happy by standing only 2 minutes in front of one painting at the Louvre. I wouldn't have to make other people happy by rushing through my croissant so we could make X train schedule.

    I would be alone and free to wander. And wonder. :)

  18. smitten by this post!!!


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