Sweet & Sour

This week, I'm moving through some highs & lows.

First, I dropped my phone in the toilet,
{low point}
but had insurance that is sending me a new iPhone
{high point}.

Then I dropped my laptop and dented the frame near the hard drive
{low point}
luckily, my Apple Care is getting it replaced for me
{high point}
but it will take 10 days to get my laptop back
which makes important tasks (like blogging, facebook, & twitter) impossible
{low point}.

Continuing on,
some of our good friends came to stay with us this weekend.

It was wonderfully laid-back, hang out time
{high point}...

... until I walked in on our friend Rob in the shower,
tried to cover up the awkwardness by having an informal conversation (?!?!?).

What is wrong with me?

All of my mixed emotions culminated on Sunday.

Tyler & I stopped in TK Maxx
-which, yes, is the exact same store as TJ Maxx-
and I begin to peruse the racks with little interest.

Out of the corner of my eye,
 I spotted the retail equivalent of winning the lottery
discreetly sitting on a random shelf near sportwear:
unscuffed, white-leather, 
Christian Louboutin's in my size for £99.00!
{high point}

I didn't ask Tyler if I could or should buy them,
I just grabbed them and ran to check-out.

I got home, paraded around my bedroom in them 
and realized that, sadly, they really aren't my size.

They almost fit, but are just a bit too big for me to ever actually wear.
{lowest point}

I debated keeping them around, 
 you know, just in case...
but I'm trying to be real with myself:
I will never wear them since I can't walk in them.

Which leads me to my next point:
Do you want them?

They are glorious, heavenly, and perfect...
and I wanted to share the retail love 
with one of you lucky ladies
before I hand them over to the return counter
 at old TK Maxx.

They are size 41. 
They are Christian Louboutin's Lola in white
with a silver, spikey, metal heel.

And, goodness, they are gorgeous.

Email me at aspiringkennedy@gmail.com 

I'll reply to the first person that wants them & we can work out how to do this...
because if I can't have them,
they should at least go to someone I like.

*I will be out today, but will reply later this evening to these emails.


  1. Oh!! That IS sad. :( Too bad it isn't like a cotton shirt you could shrink in the wash!

  2. i am still cracking up at you trying to start a casual conversation with your naked friend......

  3. Oh no! That would be the biggest disappointment. Hopefully they'll go to a reader's good home!

    At least now you know where to scout out some good deals?

  4. that is a roller coaster! i can just feel the excitement you must have felt at spotting those shoes!!! i remember when supposedly tons of jcrew dresses and shoes were flooding tj maxx...I never saw any, which is good bc I prob would have bought it all, regardless of liking it or not!

  5. Can I just say how lovely you are? You are my favorite blog at the moment, and I'm always so excited when you have a new post! Hugs! :)

  6. Don't we all have those days/weeks?! Sorry about the low points, but thank goodness for the high ones! I dropped my phone in the toilet last year...thank you to insurance as well! Fabulous and beautiful shoes and I hope they are in someone's size! Thanks for being such a terrific blog! Have a wonderful Wednesday xoxohttp://twirlingclare.blogspot.com/

  7. What?! I stayed right near a TK Maxx in Scotland and had NO CLUE they even sold Louboutins. That is insane!

    And I love love love that you started an informal conversation with him. Hilarious!

    Ps... never in my life have I wished I had bigger feet than right now. Sigh.

  8. Oh my lovely...I'm so sad that those gorgeous shoes don't fit you- breaks my heart...I'm pretty sure that you're due for another high and I have a great feeling that it will be even better than those gorgeous shoes!!

  9. …At least things are exciting? I can't believe you found those at a TK Maxx. and I can't believe it's not just called a TJ Maxx. Those are gorgeous and I'm cursing my tiny feet at the moment.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I did e-mail you, oh the anticipation is killing me! They would be SO super SUPER perfect to wear at my May 27th wedding!

    I look forward to the moment every morning at 8:35am to sit down with my oatmeal and tea and read your blog. Please don't ever stop! :)

    Fingers Crossed!
    Tori Bray

  12. No, they have Loubs at TK Maxx? Oh that must just be In London, I ain't never seen that up here in the hicks!

  13. You do know that your feet will grow a half size after you have children??!! I say, keep the shoes and be like a pregnant Rachel Zoe (round and fashionable) when the time comes.

  14. haha! so many highs and lows! this was such a fun post and i hope someone who will love the louboutins gets them!

  15. Gosh, first your phone, then your laptop? EEK! Sorry the shoes don't work for you. I think the bride who wants them should get them. That's a perfect bridal shoe!

  16. HA! I'm with Carolyn - keep them for a very fashionable pregnancy!!

  17. I laughed (Rob!) and I cried (that those aren't my size). Missing you, dear friend!

  18. Oh, the highs and lows of life! I think the shoes are glorious, but alas, not my size. Hope they find their Cinderella!

  19. I guess we all have our weeks :/ but I hope that next week is better for you! And I'm sure you'll find shoes that even more fabulous than those soon!


  20. I've just recently started reading your blog and I must say that I do love it! That is too funny that you tried to start a conversation after such an awkward situation! Haha but I guess that is when most of us just don't know how to react, right? And those shoes are so gorgeous! Hopefully a wonderful reader gets them!

  21. Oh my keep them! You are one lucky shopper Lauren and I wish I knew about TK MAxx when I was in LOndon!

  22. I just love you... coming over here for a visit always makes me laugh. A lot of times when I wear jeans I keep my iphone in my back pocket and I always try to take it out before hitting the restroom for that very reason! I am chuckling over the vision of you trying to strike up an awkward conversation in the bathroom.... tee hee! xo

  23. bummmmer about all those sour notes. i hope your laptop feels better soon :) xo

  24. I vote you keep them! Seriously, because I'm pretty sure I could wear a bigger size after having Connor. (which kind of grosses me out...why did my feet get bigger and stay bigger???) anyway, if that happens to you they could fit! And then you'd be the hot momma with louboutin's!!!

  25. Oh doll, the ups and downs of life. Hopefully your electronics get fixed, the vision of your naked friend showering leaves your mind and you find some other fabulous shoes to wear! This too shall pass! Oui?

  26. i had a dream last night i tried on the shoes and they were too big and i was devastated.

    yes my dreams are largely influenced by bloggers and blog posts.

    yes its totally creepy.

  27. those shoes?!?! so sad they are not in your size :( :(


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