Friday Faces: Megan from Across the Pond

What can I say about Megan other than
I want to be just like her.

Sure, she may be an American girl... 
that moved to the UK last summer...
because of a masters program...
and all of those facts might sound eerily similar to my own life.

But just wait until you see her body & jawline.

You'll feel my pain.

And for the same reasons that I loved my friend Beth 
for her ability to always catch me off guard with her confidence...
I feel endeared to Megan.

Once you read question ten,
I know you will, too.


1. Who are you?

I am Megan. I am going to be 26 in December, and that makes me feel old.

2. Where do you live?
I like to consider myself I currenty just moved from England to Scotland, but I am from sunny Los Angeles, CA. Yes, it is freaking cold here. I know.

my street in Scotland
my favorite home-town diner in SO-CAL. doesnt get much more american then that there folks.
University of Nottingham, England. My home away from home for a year.

3. What do you do... outside of blogging?
 Who are you in the real world?

I am a former fashion industry girl, who recently graduated with my Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. I don't even know how that evolution happened.

Really though, im just a normal girl who cant seem to adjust to the idea of public transportation,
and loves to eat. everything.

4. Why do you blog? 

I began blogging to keep family and friends up to date with my life overseas. That is still part of why I blog. However, I have also been fortunate enough to connect with some amazing people through blogging, and that is what keeps me here...

oh, and all the fame and fortune.

5. Where do you blog? 

 Either from this chair, or my bed.

6. When do you blog? 

either in the evening or in the morning when I wake up.

7. What look suits you best?

I might have a slight obsession with blazers.

8. What’s been the most shocking moment
of your blogging career? 

I think I have had two different types of shock, one good, one bad. The good shock was when I realized how many people made up this blogger world, and how many were so kind and amazing. I am still shocked on a daily basis by the friendships I've made and level of encouragement and support I receive daily. The bad was when I got my first negative anon comment..which I'm sorta convinced was from someone from my real life world in response to an unfortunate circumstance that occured in my life that I shared on my blog..nevertheless, it means I've arrived right?  

9. Where do you want to be in five years?

Happy and Healthy. with puppies. and babies. and a house in both the UK and California.

10. What’s one thing that your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I'm only 5'5. Rumor has it that people around the blogosphere thought I was like 6'


sometimes I pick my nose and wipe it on things other then a tissue. I don't like the way Kleenex feels on my hands..what??


  1. She's from Scotland? No way! Then this girl is close to my heart. Except the nose picking thing. I have issues with that (my own issues though!)

  2. Officially in love with her! I'm definitely enjoying this series - I'm finding so many great new blogs!

  3. Love her blog and following her living abroad adventure while I have my own!

  4. Megan! I totally thought you were taller too...mostly because of your modeling past...and damn girl your legs be long!!!

    Anyways I loved this post!! I read all of your posts. Except when I was on vacation and you introduced your new boyfriend. Never going on vacation again ;)

  5. Oh yes, I want to be her, can I knock off 20 years and find a way to grow show pony hair? Nop, didn't think so.

  6. @hollie- biggest mistake of your life.

  7. Mmmmhmmmm! Megan, I sooo thought we were giant twins together. I'll have to pack my heels away when you come to visit:-)

    P.S. Love this post/friday faces idea! xoxo

  8. No way, no way, no way. I totally thought you were like 6'-7" tall. Sooo...seeing as I am 5'-6" - are you sayin' there's a chance for me to become a supermodel too?!

  9. typical, megan- no inclusion of a certain dog's keepsake you have with you on your journey? hmm?

    and i know you were talking about me with the whole "amazing people" connection thing. specifically me.

    great guest post, friend.

  10. Uh yup, this just reaffirmed why I dig this girl and her blog. Everytime I read her posts it makes me want to hang out with her and eat an obscene amount of really cheesy foods. I might be eating a piece of gouda as I write this... Might.

    Loved this post, love YOUR blog... Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is great. Megan is hilarious and it was fun to find your blog through her. PS - Megan, I am currently wearing a blazer and a loveleigh cowl...apparently I am unconsciously trying to morph into you. Maybe I'll make Ryan speak with a Scottish accent and I'll eat some bacon later.

  12. Hey i pick my nose too ;) haha I love Megan and this series! I didn't know she was 5'5" I was one of the people who thought she was 6"!

  13. I take prenatal vitamins every night to grow hair like Megan's.


  14. This is funny because I don't know if I imagined you as 6 feet tall per se, but I AM surprised to find out you are 5'5. Hahaha.
    Funny as always!

  15. You're 5'5''???

    I love Megan. Her blog is one of the first ones I started reading. I think everybody that reads her blog ends up wanting to be like her, because you know... it's Megan.

  16. @Bon- sad face :( i wanted to share clothes

    @kelley- you are a super model. silly girl. shoooot. totally should of added the fur. but maybe it would of been too much? boogers and dogs fur in one post? too far? and you know i was talking about you..remember our love lock on the bridge?

    @chelsea- i just lol-ed i am beaming with blazer and cowl pride. beaming. if you eat some bacon tonight, you win.

    @brooke-5'5 suprriiisee!

    @Ari- i laughed.out.loud

    @jess- its shocking. i know.

  17. Ha! She's adorable and hilarious! What an interesting life she's lead. Off to check out her blog :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  18. I love Megan's blog! She's so relatable, silly and all that good stuff.

    I actually came here via her blog and I'm really loving the space you've created here! I'm looking forward to reading more from you...

  19. i love megan hardcore! she cracks me up and i can always depend on her to commiserate about the lack of good "american" food in europe! (lauren, do you have this problem too?)

  20. I definitely would've guessed you're taller than 5'5"!

  21. hahahahaha. i lost a booger in my own hair not that long ago. lauren, i share way too much on your comments page!! girlfriend definitely looks taller. those legs! dangit. very funny lady right there. very much enjoyed reading this. and i have not seen her blog so i'm stoked to go check it out.

  22. Haha Megan cracks me up, great name too ;) Ahem is my name! hehe. Love both your blogs as Im from the UK but my partner is American (in process of moving to the UK, and Im visiting USA atm).

    Hope you visit our blog too!

    M x

  23. Best post EVER. Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler.

  24. OK first I hated her, when she said she felt old turning 26 then I loved her when I saw her eating bacon then I hated her when I saw how skinny she was then I loved her when she spoke about loving her hometown diner and sounding like a normal kind of gal then I hated her again for being smart as a whip by studying neuroscience (yours truly wanted to go to medical school but marriage and having a baby came along instead) then I loved her again when she admitted she too got a mean comment or two then I hated her when I saw how great she looks in every picture then I came to the "picking the nose" part....and you know what? I love her again! Why? Because I love anyone who is honest, to me that is THE single most important trait for anyone to have, someone to be truthful and authentic and this girl is the REAL DEAL!!!! Brains, beauty, humor the whole kit and kaboodle!! Enjoyed it!

  25. @Anna- omg. i love you for that comment.

    @Wegan- HEY we are swapped! Im american and my bf is from the UK!

    @the echanted home- nicest.funniest.comment.ever. thank you.

  26. Adorable!! Like she said - just a normal girl - who loves to eat - gotta love her!!

  27. She is so great!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Found your blog via Megan's... what a cool series you are doing! Great idea...following you now!

    href="">Adventures of Newlyweds

  30. Just like everyone else... I love Megan's blog and thought you were way taller than 5'5.. That can't be.

  31. I love Megan. She is my absolute favorite.



  32. Whats not to love about this girl?
    She is a gem in the blogosphere.
    Her honesty and humor are so refreshing.
    Thanks for this lades!

  33. great feature... and how have I not seen your blog before! I love it :)

  34. I love Megan! What a great series, Lauren! Meg is a riot...a very beautiful and stunning riot who likes to eat and pick her nose (:

  35. What a fun interview! I wish my 5'5" looked like hers!!! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  36. megan, you never cease to amaze me, and the photo of you picking your nose remains my all-time favorite. everyone else may be thinking you're referring to their friendship, but in reality, I know you're talking about ME!!!!!!!


  37. Oh, she is just too cool. Pretty, smart and a sense of humor... loved her post! xo

  38. LOVEEE her! what a cute post.
    and yeah. totally thought megan was 6'2 or something. officially stunned.


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