A Travel-Sized Beauty Routine

Like many travelers,
I find myself constantly adjusting between worlds...

Whether it be a posh tea room in a bustling city in the first-world,
or a lush tropical setting in a remote third-world setting...
when we travel, our senses {& our standards} are always adjusting.

We dress up for dinner. 
We dress down for the market.

We have our hair blown out for a brunch.
We throw our hair up for a jeep ride in the sun.

From hiking boots to spikey heels...
the most satisfied travelers are, most definitely, 
those who can adapt to our these environments.

And most of the time,
these environments offer us unappealing showers in a dim-lit bathroom...
and a personal longing for a footed tub.

Any traveler would agree,
than our Western Culture demands.

I've learned to be lower maintenance because of it:
I wash my hair about once a week,
I keep my make up to a small bag that fits in my purse,
& I re-wear my clothes like it's nobody's business...
& I don't always shower every day.

{Go on & judge me... but I'm highly confident in my lack of body odor.}

So when you find yourself on the road
{or simply on an overnight flight}
try a few of my favorite fixes
to have you feeling first-world clean
when your beauty regime is on the third-world scene.

Tresemme Dry Shampoo | Asprey Purple Water Perfume £45 | Banana Republic Tights |
Susan Posnick ColorFlo $64.00 | Target Eye Make Up Remover $3.75 |

What's the first thing you ditch on the fly?
Any great advice or products you can recommend?


  1. I find travel sized baby powder to be great (can be used as dry shampoo) and bare escentuals mineral foundation is easy/provides great coverage!

  2. smart traveler you are. i find a tiny sample of van clef at my ready to use as a sort of smelling salts...in case I happen to pass out from any sort of foul oder. fantastic images.

  3. That picture at the top is beautiful! I find that perfume is usually the first to go, in lieu of scented lotion. It does the same job and I can usually get it onto flights in a carry on.


  4. Love it! Great tips. ALso, I'm quite the fan of wearing leggings or tights to cover up any lack of time to shave the legs... poor Justin.

  5. I'm not a world class traveler, but I definitely skip a shower every once in a while. Shhhh

  6. I have to have makeup remover on hand, I hate when I sleep in mascara and can't get all of it off! So I tend to pack the remover wipes because they don't get taken from airport security! Sometimes I ditch my perfume and just rely on deodorant!

  7. Evian mineral water spray! i don't get on a plane without it. Plane air is so gross and drying, it's a great pick me up to spritz on right before you land to help you look a little more fresh faced. it's also great for a little blast of cool water when you're at the beach, or anywhere that's a little warm. dry shampoo is a god send!

  8. Those little oil pad papers are a must for me on a 5+ hour flight. give England a smooch for me!

  9. Haha I love the hairy leg camo! :)

    My favorite beauty item is Jojoba Oil. It is a multipurpose item for me. When I have to travel for work and can only take a carry-on that's what I take.

    It can work as a night moisturizer, eye make up remover, and body lotion.


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