Comendi. It's a good....

Did you ever see The Social Network?

So I liked the movie when I first saw it...
however, when I learned the Winklevoss twins 
were in Oxford's MBA class a year ahead of Tyler,
I liked it even more.

Because I'm ridiculous like that.

Apparently, I feel cool being 14+ degrees removed 
from cute Nordic-ish twins 
who lose lawsuits to Facebook.

I can't hook you up with the Winkleviii
(the plural for Winklevoss, silly)...
our paths never crossed.

But the good news is,
 I can hook you up with Comendi.

Yeah, it's a basically website that is going to be huge.

I figured you all hear about it soon enough...
but I wanted to tell you first
because, well, my friend, Daniel, kinda started it.

I know... I'm shameless...
but it's true.

I got on Comendi.
I flipped out on how cool it is.
I wanted to blog about it, like, immediately.

When I emailed Daniel,
he kindly humored me 
by giving us bloggers a little group of our very own.

The very first group on Comendi ever.

{Basically, we're all famous!}

It's like our own little clubhouse that we can go play in
and tell each other our secrets...

... like where we buy our discounted plane tickets...
.... how to find good sources for couch recovering...
and the best place to eat fried chicken near our house.

You think that sounds awesome? 
I know. Me too.

So This Is What You Do...

When you're in the site, it will automatically feed your facebook contacts in.

Editor's note: The site is just opened to the public
so you may not see anyone yet...
except for all your fun blogger friends, like me!

Then follow cities you are interested in...

And then start requesting/ giving advice.

Being that these boys have Ivy League educations 
& have work histories including places like Google,
the site is super smart. 

As you type in suggestions,
Comendi will feed suggested google matches for you.

It will also give you pictures, too...
because pictures makes it pretty.

So someday, when people start getting dis-pinterested
and everyone is going crazy about how cool Comendi is...
you'll be able to say in your most hipster voice:

"Yeah, I was one of the first people on the site. It's whatever."

And it'll be true.

More true than the courts found the Winklevoss' claim of inventing Facebook, at least.


  1. This looks very interesting.....going to bookmark it and tell my son about it,something I think he would want to know about. Thanks!

  2. amazing!! Signing up now!

  3. Haha this post is hilarious. Definitely getting on now!

  4. woohoo! i can't wait to check this out. i saw you posting about it this weekend and was dying to know what it was all about. funfun.

  5. That looks like such a fun site! I love that you are so in the know and you're letting us in the know also. Yeah, our generation tends to have ADD so no doubt in about, oh I don't know 6 months, we'll all be on to the next social network outlet that sucks up all our time. Happily, though haha.

  6. So yeah, this looks really cool! (except that I don't know how to use it and no one I know is on it either!) :P

  7. they made the winklevii so much hotter in the movie though, huh?


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