An Overview: First Class Seating

There are only two days left before Thanksgiving.

Are you ready?

Have you dusted off your ribbed turtleneck 
and spent hours shopping Real Simple & Pinterest for recipes?

Is the back seat of your car scattered with
overnight bags & aluminum-foil covered pyrex dishes?

In honor of the millions of people traveling 
around the country this week...
here are some travel photos to get the party started.

I didn't realize what a fascination I have with pictures from planes,
until digging through my external hard drive...
and apparently, I've kinda got a thing for the perspective of a window seat.

These pictures stir up that sense of anticipation
you have in-flight when you glance out the window to the ground below?

The gradually changing scenery below
whets my appetite for the approaching destination.

Hopefully, they can provide you some in-flight entertainment for your travels.

Drive safe! Drink lots of coffee! 
Get to the airport on time! 
Don't wear belts or lace up shoes for security lines!

The patchwork farmland of the Midlands. England.
Apennines, Italy.
Flying out of a storm. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
Touchdown in Milan, sunset.
Paris, by plane. See those arrondissements winding out of the center?
Welcome to the Emerald Isle. Arriving in Dublin, Ireland.
Flying into France. Looks just like a map.
Seattle, Washington

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. travel safely and enjoy all the trimmings.
    when i fly, i like to don all the lace up and belted really has a way of making friends.:)

  2. Wow! That last one of Seattle is incredible! The only thing that keeps me calm on a plane is the amazing views! Night-time flying is a nightmare for me!

  3. Such gorgeous photos and a wonderful way to map your travels by sky!

  4. These are gorgeous! Of course, I love the Paris one ;)

  5. This is such an awesome way to document travels, showcase the world from a different perspective. Dang, now I wish I had shots from above when I flew out of England. Fun!

  6. I love these! Plane photos are so much fun! I've an obsession whenever I fly out of Portland here where I'm always taking pictures of Mt. Hood from the sky and hoping I can see more of the Cascade range... I love it!

  7. These photos are amazing!!! You should collect them over the years then self-publish a coffee table book with one of those online services. How cool would that be to look through??

  8. I LOVE coming into land - my fave part of the flight! Great snaps as per usual, LBK! xo

  9. These photos are amazing. Beautiful.


  10. Really wish I were traveling for the holidays instead of working. I also really wish I could take photos like those.

  11. What a great set of photos! I don't have a chance to fly too often (and am a little thankful - flying makes me jittery) but there is something about airplanes that are so fascinating. I love that you've snapped all these pictures!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Very cool photos! Such a tough time of the year to travel and so many people have to do it. Are you going home to your parents? Hope you have a fantastic holiday!! xo

  13. I love this post, Lauren! So fun to see your images 'from the friendly skies'. The one you took of Seattle, my home town, is gorgeous in the light. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  14. Love the airplane photos! And all the places...what a great collage of images this would make in a study, perhaps? - Katie O'Keefe

  15. Beans on toast for me tomorrow but have a lovely day!

  16. i always take photos from planes, too. they're some of my favorites.


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