What Would Marie Wear?

May it never be said
that Sofia Coppola is 
anything less than an artist of cinematography.

What Michaelangelo did with marble, canvas & plaster...
so she can craft with actors, gorgeous settings & a muted pastel palette.

Honestly, I feel visually bloated after I watch her work...

Like I need to unbutton-the-top-button-of-my-brain
it's so stuffed with visual sweetness.

As I begin to pack my suitcases for Paris,
I wanted to craft the closet of Marie Antoinette,
as Sofia Coppola saw her.

So instead of starting off with a historical base...
I'm drifting towards the perspective of 
the on-set stylist for one of my favorite movies,
Marie Antoinette.
Off topic from Ms. Antoinette...
I'm back in Dallas now, 
and am in a flurry of catching up with friends
and spending time with family...

It feels so good to see these faces
and jaunt around in the sunny, 60 degree weather.

Thursday, we leave for NYC to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

I can't wait to be reunited with that city.

The two of us have had some good times together.


  1. Gah...so in love with those shoes and that lipstick...and the earrings- all infinitely pretty! Enjoy your time at home and have a fabulous getaway in NYC! xo

  2. Congrats on your fifth anniversary! Loving those earrings!! Have a nice stay in Dallas!

  3. love those earrings! Happy anniversary! I head to NYC thursday as well!

  4. Marie Antoinette was SO underrated. I thought that movie was gorgeous.

  5. This is so her! Via, Soffia, of course. Have an amazing time in NYC! Can't wait to see the photos- you make the best travelogues.

  6. I love this post!! Those shoes are to die for and that headband would be so her. Hope you guys have a great anniversary!

  7. my God those shoes!<3 Have fun in NYC...that city and I have a hot thing going on ;) And I am on my way to Paris today - this post just made my excitement skyrocket!

  8. Love the accessories, especially the headband. Happy almost-anniversary!

  9. You are so on the right track in channeling your inner Marie Antoinette! By golly, you've nailed it...how great are those shoes! Paris? I am jealous...enjoy!

  10. Oh man I need those heels. Gush!

    NYC!!! Yayyyyyy Happy 5th anniversary! That's so exciting. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time in Dallas.

  11. ooh those are great choices.. such an interesting thought- marie antoinette's wardrobe :)

    new york just got suddenly COLD. i'm seriously sitting in my house in a jacket right now. it was 50 degrees just the other day! not anymore :/ bundle up! :)

    60 sounds absolutely loooovely

  12. Love the earrings and those heels are perfection! Happy 5th!

  13. Hope you have fun here in NY--its really COLD! Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Barbara

  14. Oh my those earrings are fabulous!!

    Happy New Years and All the Best in 2012!

    I hope you will come to enter my Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

    Art by Karena

  15. I love this! The jewels, the lipstick shade, the shoes - love it! Marie Antoinette is one of my favorite movies as well. I got Miss Dior for Christmas. It's intoxicating.

  16. I'm jealous of your warm weather adventures! It is 16 degrees F here. Enjoy sunshine and family time!

  17. those earrings are amazing and i'm loving that perfect pink lipstick color!! such a pretty palate ;) xoxo


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