Five Steps to Pretty Living.

marc jacobs earbuds $42 | golda jewelry citrine ring $1,385 | TOPSHOP dress £20 | svpply raw silk pillows, $20-50 | Rolex 

Pick an item,
any item.

Odds are, that if you purchase any of these fancies,
you'll feel like a million bucks in no time.

{Or if you get the rolex, will have spent nearly that much.}

I, personally, got the earbuds for Christmas 
and love them so much.

And that TOPSHOP dress for £20?

 A steal.

I'm packing for NYC.

Our flight is early tomorrow,
and I'll be hitting the ground running.

Have we planned one thing yet?


But that's okay...
we don't need plans.

Just each other,
clear skies,
and an iPhone to capture the fun.


  1. I want that dress! Have fun in NYC :)

  2. who needs plans in NYC!? Just go with the flow ;) And that watch! I'm usually not the biggest fan of Rolex but I really love that.

  3. Enjoy, dress warm and have fun! Love your picks, great dress and love the upbeat colors!! Bon voyage.....

  4. love the marc jacobs earbuds! so funny!

  5. We're going to NYC at the end of the month too! Have fun and let me know all about it!! xo

  6. I love the dress! How bright & pretty for January.

    Enjoy NYC! Hope its not too cold.

  7. Have a fantastic time in NYC! You'll fit in well with your super cute/chic earbuds:)

  8. Enjoy your trip, it's looks like you will enjoying the sights in style!

  9. That watch ... those pillows ... I could go for.

    I guess the dress is OK too.

  10. Love all of your picks, especially all of the colors! Safe travels to NYC, I was there for a bit visiting this summer. Be sure to stop by the Plaza and get your picture with Miss Eloise :) Central Park is just across the street, so just tell people you needed to take a break from the Park to get a photo with the portrait of the best 6 year old!

  11. That dress is ridiculously cute! It's so me!

    Have so much fun in NYC. I can't wait for the photos!

  12. PS... I meant the dress was cute not me. Hahaha- oh, I need breakfast.

  13. I'm sure you know plenty of places to go while you're there, but my most recent fav is Eataly.

    Have a lovely adventure!

  14. I am absolutely in LOVE with that turquoise Rolex! Turquoise is my "signature color". I must have one!

    Have fun in NYC...can't wait to hear about it! Wish I could be there right now myself!

  15. I used to take day trips to Chicago all the time. The best times I had there were when we had no plans at all. Have a blast, lady!

  16. We happy to see our ring on your picks :)
    Next time when you are going to be in NYC come to see us...
    Golda Jewelry team


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