Will the real Slim Lady please stand up?

I wish I were a girl who was super skinny 
& didn't have to think twice about what she ate...
but alas, 
God swapped out my metabolism for an affinity for cobbler
and reversed my leg/torso ratio 
creating an affect I liken to the Tasmanian Devil.

I used to not care about what I ate...
like, I would eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard EVERY night in college.

And I miraculously wasn't 5468 lbs.

When I graduated & got married,
I still didn't care...
the only problem was
doing the office + lunch/dinner out routine... 
I kinda did gain 5468 lbs.

Living overseas has trimmed me back to my preferred size,
which I can attribute to having more time to consider what I'm eating
& walking constantly...

I was feeling particularly fat & happy after lunch.

For any of you that are so busy you can't even remember what you've eaten,
here's a few inspirational links to help out...

I love FlatPlanet's flatbreads for a well-portioned, fresh lunch....

I love this Food & Wine recipe for a delicious carrot soup.

I love soups, salad and small sandwiches for lunch...
as they are easy, cheap, available pretty much everywhere
and do a pretty good job of keeping my butt the same size.

I love Sarah's healthy approach to eating,
witnessed by her grocery lists, light lunches & killer legs.

I love these trousers from H&M that make my legs look skinnier...
though no where near to Sarah's.

I love the Couch to 5K program that Leslie is doing...
She inspired me to go out and run one {tiny} mile last Saturday.
It was both horrible & empowering to a blog-potato like myself.

I love walking everywhere,
and I know this luxury isn't afforded in suburban cities...
which is why I'm a big fan of urban living discussion & planning.

I love this Chai Latte from Caffe Nero
for a low-cal sip on a chilly day.

Now I've spilled my secrets...
what do you love?


  1. Great post! I lived in Europe for 5 years and I can't tell you the difference walking made for my fitness/weight. We moved back to the States last December and the difference is astounding. I so miss having the necessity to walk everywhere, when you have a car, you just don't NEED to walk...so you don't. I miss it so much!

  2. thanks for the love lauren! but i assure you my legs err more on the scrawny side than killer (:

  3. I hate walking! I lost 45lbs and it's a constant battle to keep it off, I'm hungry every night but I love being slim so for at least a little while longer I'll be hungry, but come mid 50's I'm planning on putting on some weight.

  4. I am right there with you! Post college I gained 6,000 pounds, but somehow in college eating an XL pizza by myself was fine.. And even this weekend being in Paris, I saw how amazing walking would be for me!!

  5. aaah so that's Flatplanet! I like!
    and I really like those HM trousers, i wish they still had the yellow ones, will have to look for them in stores!

  6. hahah, loved this post! You are beautiful!! and size shouldn't matter, alas society tends to demand a little more than that :) I love walking and nothing seems more wonderfully than wandering around european streets! Thanks for the fabulous post. Hope all is well xoxo

  7. I had the opposite problem! My last year of college I swear I gained 15 lbs (after my 21st birthday - coincidentally of course). Now I'm trying to lose it but I like eating too much! Such a dilemma.

  8. oh man...living in italy is HARD when it comes to this question at hand. i LOVE eating (duh) and try to not deprive myself of anything. of course, i work out so that i can do this without gaining 63425 pounds. :)

  9. You look very beautiful and skinny :)

  10. I miss my college metabolism! Or more like my high school one. I love food but follow Weight Watchers so that I'm forced to pay attention to portion control, eat my fruits & veggies, but also indulge. Otherwise, I'd be very cranky!

    I do wish I could walk around more though!

  11. I think you have inspired me! I've grown quite lazy in my after work routine and need to get off the couch. Thanks for sharing.

  12. are we the same person? Please don't answer that. But Yes! My metabolism is soooooo slow and my torso is twice the size of a normal person. I was sitting next to a guy who was 6'4 and he was complaining that he had really short legs. Well, you know what? Sitting down we were the same height. And I'm 5'2. Life is not fair!!!

    PS... I totally lost weight in the UK. I blame the walking and not too great food.

  13. you ARE super skinny! i used to run 20-25 miles a week, but can't since i developed a stupid condition and i've had a hard time adjusting my diet to a non-runner's diet. thus, i've put on some L-B's. i love finding new, healthy and good recipes! one thing i hate about living in oklahoma is the lack of walking. i need to move overseas. i'm caving and getting a gym membership again. i love getting my butt kicked in a spin class. my go-to diet food is soup. panera is best for when i can't make it myself.

  14. Great post! I like the pants, and you look great so stop worrying so much :)

  15. I love my Fitness Pal app on my iPhone - it send me gentle reminders to count my calories and exercise by email which I always delete!

  16. I completely understand your plight! That being said, you are too cute and stylish for words! :)

  17. I have been feeling especially fat (and not so happy) lately. I had a really rough summer without much money and with a foot injury. Plus, I live in a mostly-driving community. I gained a lot of weight but am trying to get back to me. I've added Zumba to my gym schedule and have really been trying to watch what I eat. Yes, that's right - even if you eat healthy, eating too much destroys it. Right now I'm loving soup. Pretty healthy, and I can eat on it all week!

  18. I feel like where you live makes such a difference on your health...I lived in South Carolina last year, and while I loved a lot of things about it, overall people are less active and a lot of the food is super unhealthy (delicious tho!)...my husband and I moved to Colorado this summer and people eat so much healthier here and you're constantly being inspired to get out and exercise because everyone here is so active! I love it :)

  19. I love your tips! I was skinny in high school and ran cross country and then stopped working out in college and gained a ton of weight. Finally I'm also back to a size that I'm comfortable with, but I've found that I'm one of those people who just has to work out on a regular basis (bleh) - oh what I would give to have Megan from Across the Pond's metabolism!


  20. hehe i've had similar thoughts.. the way i ate in college.. seriously amazing i wasn't a million pounds. i definitely have to be more careful now. when i'm hungry i try not to think about what i waaaant to eat i just grab a healthy thing as fast as i can otherwise i'll be halfway through a big bag of chips before i can even consider stopping myself. i'm a big fan of carrying a water bottle everywhere and homemade smoothies with honey for sweetening instead of sugar :)

  21. oy! i loved this post. during college i learned that drinking + 3 am gyros for breakfast pack on the pounds realll fast. after i graduated i cut down the booze a lot..and nixed midnight snacking. i also try to walk as much as possible (I LOVE CITY LIVING) and take yoga classes and mess around with my kettlebell. everyone works differently but i know i love to eat so i just try to stop when im full (easier said than done) and walk it out :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  22. Ha couchto5K is a good start for me, I'm glad it inspired you :) And oh, to be able to walk everywhere!

  23. loving the pic! and yes i def hate walking! ugh but sometimes it must be done :-/

  24. Dairy Queen Blizzards ARE addictive!! :)

  25. I always lose weight in Europe. I think it's the walking but also the fact that the food has fewer additives - honestly!! And of course that I'm not typing at my computer with unlimited access to the fridge and pantry!! But you look great so I wouldn't be too concerned!

  26. Ok, the two biggest things for me are packing snacks or lunch anytime I leave the house, so I am not tempted to eat fast food. Greek yogurt is a staple of my daily routine these days...so filling and yummy when I need something sweet.
    My hardest time of day is right before bed. I still haven't figured that out yet and how to resist the need for a treat.
    And I will continue my love/hate relationship with exercise until the day I die. I wish I was one of these people that loved running.

  27. Last time Fellers and I had brunch, I mentioned my jealousy over all your happy pastry postings, and yet you look TINY. Enjoy.


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