An Egg-ucation.

In case I didn't explain my whereabouts,
I'm currently in Oklahoma...
where, luckily, Tyler's cousin has a farm.

Now, it's not your typical farm.

It's that other kind.

The "Orthopedic-surgeon-and-his-beautiful-Nordic-family
because-they-wanted-to-raise-their-family-in-a-fun-&-healthy-lifestyle" kind.

Totally common.

If I weren't such a prissy wimp,
I'd do it in a heartbeat.

If for no other reason than the thrill of shooting a gun for the first time...

... the farm animals really made me fall in love with the idea.

Especially the chickens.

Sandy (Tyler's cousin) is the resident goddess of the farm. 

She makes her own manchego cheese,
home schools her four blond children, 
brews her own beer, 
& is currently planting a vineyard.

Sandy cracked these two eggs open
 in hopes of giving me a tutorial.

Afterwards, I feel I have no choice 
but to move out to a farm 
just for the luxury of having endless fresh eggs.

Look at the difference in these two eggs:

Both are from the farm's chicken coop
and are great quality eggs that would be delicious.

But isn't the difference in color astounding?

Did you know that many eggs in grocery stores 
are around 3-6 months old
by the time they get to our homes?**


So I guess for all of us
who will only get as close to farm life
as the pair of Hunter boots in our closet...
it's good to remember:

Buy local, 
eat in season, &
relish in the goodness
of fresh, pure food!

*all images original to aspiring kennedy
** this seemed to be common knowledge to others at the farm. i cannot validate this statement.


  1. Looks like a delightful time :) And holy crap about the eggs! It's not something that you think about every day, but that color difference is amazing. Bet they were delicious too!!

  2. okay, the eggs. 3-6 months old? Ew.

  3. I loathe eggs, I don't know how anyone can put them in their mouth but I would love to give the farm lifestyle a go, I love the idea of being self sufficient.

  4. Farm life sounds amazing but I'm just not convenienced I could handle it full time. Nothing beats fresh food and sustainablitiy, the egg thing is really scary!

  5. Sounds and looks like quite an experience!! Wow sounds like fun, and something so different. Kudos to Sandy for all she does....obviously a total labor of love! Enjoy...

  6. Wow, what a life they are living! I don't know if I could handle it long term, but it sure would be fun to visit!

  7. Oh my gosh, I crave eggs all the time and now you're making me wish I'd gone with a scramble rather than the piece of cranberry bread I ate for breakfast, haha.

    Love this post! I'd never really put much thought into the idea of fresh, LOCAL, pure food before moving to Oregon and now I realize how awesome it is!

  8. I love it how wherever you go awesomeness follows. Can I live there, too? I have always dreamed about living a life like that- fresh food, fresh air, and a fresh perspective.

  9. Haha…my dad bought us a membership to a gun range this year for Christmas. Kinda random and weird. He's way into to shooting for sport (not hunting, but the competitive kind) in California and I can tell he wishes we were too.

    I've heard there's a farm co-op that puts out fresh milk and eggs out for people to drive through and pay on the honor system. I still haven't checked it out, but if there's something I want to buy local it's eggs and milk.

    Hope you're enjoying your time here! The weather is being nice to us! Must be because you're in town. ;)

  10. Omg! I had no idea that my eggs in my fridge are months old!?

  11. Ha ha! I shot a gun for the first time ever at my husband's uncle's farm this Christmas. Farm life does seem very appealing in a lot of ways. Geoff's aunt keeps chickens too - fresh eggs all the way!

  12. Love the chicken photos! Fresh eggs are the best!

  13. I love the pic of you using a gun for the first time! I've always wanted to learn (living in the South, it's kind of mandatory) but never gotten the chance. Looks like you're having a lot of stateside fun!

  14. Oh my jealous of those kind of awesome 'do it all' people- and those eggs....crazy the difference. Very much with you on the buy local/fresh food thing...soooo much better all around.

  15. We noticed that when we had eggs in Scotland the yolks were a totally different color than they were at home and they tasted so much better! I wonder if that's why?

  16. You're in Oklahoma?! I'm in Ohio! ugh...

  17. Love all of your experiences! You certainly get around the globe! Happy New Year, my friend!! xo

  18. my goodness, the different in the colors of the eggs are scary! I don't really want to eat my store-bought eggs anymore!


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