Super Size Me.

When your pants start feeling mysteriously tight
and you aren't sure why...

Sometimes you may find a few clues
if you just take a peek on your iPhone.

sparkly cupcakes by my aussie-friend-that-i-met-at-oxford-and-now-lives-in-london, meg.
figs on portobello road. 
jamie oliver's perfect roast chicken. success 100% of the time. try it!
dessert at the french institution, le relais de l'entrecote. bon appetit!
morning tea... and shortbread in the highlands at the coul house. (love that place!)
pub food will make you fat and happy. but first & foremost, fat.
this amazing restaurant has become our local italian place. rossodisera- in covent garden, on monmouth street.
mmm... vanilla macarons from laduree. my first love.
The case of the shrinking pants is now closed.

There isn't much else to say other than "Duh."

... Or, maybe, "No duh."

{How can they both mean the same thing?}

With my parents arriving tomorrow, 
Christmas & New Years,
a month in the states,
and a spring time in Paris to follow...

All I can say is:
Bring on the elastic waist bands!

*My friend Chelsi wrote a hilarious blog about my trip to Scotland
and I loved her response to it- baking three pies.

That is my kind of woman.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Oh my... That food is totally worth elastic pants. I have to got try that roast chicken. Spring in Paris- absolutely dreamy.

  2. so so hungry now. i think it was the pub mac and cheese that did it. :) love this!

  3. that cupcake might just be the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

  4. That's why they make such fabulous winter hide all our muffin tops from the goodies we eat all December. Totally worth it!

  5. I could totally relate to this post! Everytime I think I am going to try to eat healthier, something yummy is right around the corner! I can't help it!!! :) I can see you love food, and all that it adds to life, as much as I do. So glad I found your blog, and thanks for your wonderful comments!

  6. I think you need a "foodie" blog!
    I must say I love living and eating vicariously through you. That sounded so wrong. no Duh.

  7. This is mean! I am starving and you show me this decadent smorgasboard of some of my faves!! Something we have in common....loooove yummy food. I do try and try as I might, all those cheeses and sinfully good desserts beckon me, I cannot ignore them, can I? NO!!!!!!!! What is life without good food? BORING!

  8. PS This post is one of the many reasons I love my trusty and very forgiving alpaca cape, LOL.

  9. Macaroni and chips, yes please!

  10. Mac and cheese is my favorite food ever. The picture you posted? Mouth. Is. Watering.

  11. I should take some responsibility for a fair amount of winter "padding" for our Oxford crew for sure!!! Shame you couldn't make it last night, although you would have had a lot more material for this post!! Have a wonderful Christmas xx Meg

  12. Haha, so true!! Although we've managed to combat the weight gain we were warned about by something else Great Britain gave us when we moved here: an incredibly dog friendly island! We brought our dogs over, and they've gotten so used to the miles of public footpaths and going to sites with us that I've actually lost weight, despite my addiction to fish pie and Wensleydale cheese! You're welcome to borrow them any day you want, especially when we've got those nasty Yorkshire gales upon us :)

  13. Haha! I think you've solved the case of thousands of women. And seriously- whenever I got those Walkers cookies in Scotland I devoured them as soon as I walked in the door. So good!

  14. I love you bunches. Thanks for the mention. :)

  15. Tis the season to gain a few... think we are all feeling it!! xo

  16. Your local Italian place is in Covent Garden? I think we need to look into this apartment swap more seriously :)

    Everything looks amaaazing! Especially that pub food. Yum!

  17. Your photos are not helping my waistband- now all I want to do is go find delicious food to eat!

  18. This is food porn. It's like the fat kid equivalent of waterboarding.

  19. I'm bloated just looking at this.

  20. You're not alone.. I just want to eat everything you posted ha!

    M x


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