A Bit of Bubbly.

The next two weeks involve a bit of hotel hopping for us.

We were in London last night,
in Birmingham tonight,
back to London tomorrow night, 
parked in Paris for several days,
& then bouncing to a different hotel 
throughout Southern France
each night for a week.

While I might estimate that 14% of my waking hours
are spent packing, re-packing & lugging heavy bags around the earth,

I know, I know...
Not a single one of you feels sorry for me.

And I'm not asking you to, either.
The truth is relaxation is always close at hand.

Well, assuming that we have a bath tub in our hotel room.

Because when that is the case,
I'll spend my night soaking 
and singing along to my iTunes playlists.

Since hotel amenities can be hit or miss
I always pack my own.

{Yeah, I'm talking to you, crappy bar of soap.}

Taking a soak in this bath oil makes me feel like a princess.
I originally got it at Regent Tweet with Helena 
and am about to restock my dwindling stash.

These bubbles are gorgeous. 
The pistachio scent is what I soak in
when I'm primping to get fancy.

My mom loves Molton Brown products,
and always makes sure her daughters are supplied.
This particular scent is crisp & feminine. 

Soap that is packaged like this...
and that smells like blood oranges?
If you don't want one based off those two factors,
you aren't my people.

Well, okay, 
obviously you're still my people.

You know I wouldn't pull the plug on our friendship over something that silly.

*PS. We stayed in the Thistle, Hyde Park last night.
 We found a great deal on lastminute for £99 per night,
and were very pleased with it... especially that marble bath tub.


  1. incredibly jealous of you right now!! that soap bar is so gorgeous too!

  2. Okay, you are living life the right way! You go girl! Enjoy every single minute!! I love Molton Brown too (and they were one of the fab sponsors of Blogfest 2011!)

  3. You are living my dream! I adore marble tubs, hotels, and France... and England. Hope Brum was fantastic. I just feel lucky you share these experiences with us.

  4. Oh my....... you do it up right in the pampering department. Enjoy each and every minute of such a fab trip!! Adore the packaging!

    Art by Karena

  5. I do feel sorry for you! But only because I loathe travelling and what you're describing is my worst nightmare!
    But I know you are thriving on it, so have a wonderful time.

  6. ahhh baths are my FAVORITE. Thanks for the Hyde Park hotel suggestion! We've never used LastMinute, but now I will check it out :)

    We're off to Berlin this weekend - hope our hotel room has a tub! It's the best after a long day of walking and sightseeing!

    Have fun on your adventures!

  7. I'm jealous of that bath tub! But hotel hopping/traveling so much does take a toll on you, no matter how wonderful it is. Glad you found some relaxation time!

  8. Oh there is nothing I love more than a nice long bath. I love all these products! Off to take a bath (I wish!).

  9. Have I mentioned lately that.....you are living the life?! And, girl, you definitely know how to soak. Putting my rose scented Oil of Olay from CVS to shame. I need to ramp up my suds!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. your rings are amazing...a shot of them altogether if you don't mind?! :) everything looks lovely.

  11. Yup - love Molton Brown!! Fabulous bathroom accoutrements will definitely keep me on the want-to-come-back list!!

  12. I would love a bubble bath! Serious envy. Our tub currently has a crack in it, so until the contractors get their rears in gear, no soaking time!

  13. I have that same mor soap. I have never used it bc it's so pretty and smells so good. But the body butter was used up very quickly.

  14. It's one of the great tragedies in my life that our tub is too shallow for me to take a bath.

  15. you know I have been wanting to take a bath with the ren oil for an eternity! must try it! (still have the small bottle we got that day!!) ;)

  16. sounds so amazing! you're living the dream!

    i LOVE molton brown products too!



  17. im always a fan of the thistle hotels.


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