Make Your Life Better: Volume 4

It's time again. 

One more round of me pulling on my bossy pants
and telling you how to live your life.

{I do love this special time.}

After being in France for a few weeks,
I've got several opinions
that I absolutely can not let you ignore.

These are more than just suggestions...
these are lifestyle changes.

Let's start with the crepes, shall we?

I know, I know...
nutella & banana is the classic order,
but until you try this crêpe,
 I tell you friend, you have not lived.

They grill the almonds. 
They grill them.

It's just... 
Well, just promise me you'll try one.

Valentine's Day is approaching.
I know some people out there don't like it, 
but we are going to have to agree to disagree on this day.

I have big feelings about this holiday,
and being in Paris, may only deepen them.

This picturesque restaurant hidden in the 14th
 is what Parisian Valentine's dreams are made of.

Le Coup Chou is the dreamiest destination for dinner in Paris.

Each cozy room is oozing with fabulous understand beauty...
and please don't mention the boeuf bourguignon or creme brulee,
I might get emotional.

Dinners start at €26 for two courses/ €32 for three.
Reservations recommended.

Flowers are so expensive on Valentines Day,
but if you're going to spend the money
 (or have someone else spend it on you)...
why not invest in a gorgeous handmade arrangement by Diane James?

No more complaining about just throwing them out in a few days,
these beauties are there to stay!

you need to check out Dalani if you live in the UK.

It's our long-answered prayer to Gilt Home.
It's amazing, and I'm dying over today's sale on Liberty Stationery.


Ok, bossy pants off.
Pajamas on.

We are headed out of Aix-En-Provence tomorrow
and back to Paris to get settled...

That's when the real fun begins.

crepe image via, le coup chou image via


  1. Oh my goodness, those peonies are gorgeous and that restaurant looks dreamy! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. oh man, I want your life right now! That restaurant looks unbelievably charming!
    Have fun in aix-en-provence, I've heard it's gorgeous : )

  3. You just had to go rub it in that you are eating crepes. If you really loved us, you'd send us a a mini-eiffel tower though. I'm just sayin'.

  4. You can't just show a pregnant woman crepes and then walk away! I don't know whether to be mad or waddle to the kitchen to spread some butter on a waffle and pretend...

  5. you have no idea how crepes make my heart sing. i need to try those!

  6. Le Coup Chou looks so cozy! It's going on my Paris list :)

  7. I think you need a "wanted ad" here for an assistant to taste test everything for can never be too careful.
    So, you let me know, I am at the ready. Ok. We already know you have great taste.

  8. This post + me = best friends. Nutella and toasted almond crepes? Have mercy!

  9. Oh man. I've never had almonds in a crepe before and I need to know: slivered, sliced, or whole?

  10. I love this post. Nutella on anything makes my day better! Enjoy Paris :)

  11. love when you tell us how to live a better life! cannot wait to live vicariously through you in Paris!

  12. It's been so long since I had crepes. Grilled almonds?? My heart just stopped it'd be impossible to despise the saint Valentin in Paris. Enjoy!

  13. Those crepes look like heaven!

  14. Oh, you might be evil for telling me [us] about Dalani... that stationary is GORGEOUS. Thanks, and no thanks- now my eyes are spinning Cheshire Cat style out of pure shopping glee!

  15. Just catching up after the NY Show and finally get to read some blogs! Thank you for the sweet mention and you're right, giving one of our bouquets would mean your love is "everlasting." Have a hankering for crepes now!

  16. Ooooo Wow. I'm putting together my Valentine's Day menu and this grilled almonds thing might just be the finishing touch! Did you happen to know if they started with raw almonds or salted almonds? I've got to try this!

  17. such a great idea!! really like your blog!! following you on GFC...stop by my blog if you like :) would love to hear from you :))

  18. Yep, I think all these little suggestions would DEFINITELY make my life a little better. At least temporarily. :)

  19. Wish we knew of that restaurant when we were there looks gorgeous!! <3

    M x


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