Monday Moods: I feel... ruined.

This morning has been full of exploring
the ancient Roman ruins in Arles.

We have climbed the steps of the ampi-theatre
that used to host gladiators & wild beasts
and today is the meeting place of bulls & matadors....

We have sang on the stage
that once welcomed ancient performers
and today hosts famous celebrities....

And now?

I'm taking another cue from the Romans
and am headed into to take a hot bath.

If you are visiting Arles,
you can visit both the ampi-theatre & theatre for €5...
plus, you are surrounded by French restaurants.

Nothing about that combination can ruin your day!

*If you visit during the warmer months, 
you'll have a good chance of seeing a bull-fighting event in the stadium
(a favorite sport of Arlesiennes)
or catch a performance or classic movie in the theatre.

*All images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Beautiful images--never been but its on my short list. Have a great day, barbara

  2. How fantastic would that be to watch some bull fighting then eat a little dinner. Love these photos- Provence is such a beautiful place.

  3. So glad you are enjoying your tour of Southern France! When I was studying there, I actually visited Arles during the Bull Festival and it was fantastic (albeit a bit morbid for the bulls). Still, I love following your adventures through these places that I remember fondly.

  4. I am so jealous right So amazing!

  5. So beautiful. I was there a few years ago when my son took a semester in Aix. Such a beautiful historic area!!

  6. I went to Arles with my family a couple of years ago. Great place to visit; however, in late July it was H-O-T.

  7. Did you see today's "Remodelista Daily"? It's on Arles as well... good stuff!


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