Weekend Revelry: Flashback

My mom sent me some pictures 
last week while we were traveling on our Mystery Trip.

They are pictures from when I was younger,
visiting many of the same places.

After looking at them,
I had the strong realization
that somethings really never do change.

Enjoy some entertainment at the expense of my pre-adolescent fashion.

Happy Weekend!

purple jean shorts & partial-pigtails. you betcha.

red scrunchie. hunter green anorak. navy cotton striped play pants... & bulky pink nikes. oh yeah.

fashion trends may come & go... but chipmunk cheeks are eternal.

If only my mom could pass down that embroidered sweatshirt of the Eiffel Tower. If only.

One final look of me in a gold track suit with leather sandals
and my mom in a visor.

You're welcome.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. These are utterly wonderful!

  2. I love re-taking old pictures, and these are adorable! Those pigtails remind me of Chrissy in Now and Then, haha. How were you able to travel so much when you were younger?

    My father worked for Shell oil and we lived in Holland when I was little, so I traveled around Europe as well. I'm going to Holland in a few months and definitely plan on bringing some old pictures. And I swear this isn't meant to be spammy but your post reminded me of a similar post I wrote- me when I was little in Ireland and again on my honeymoon - http://werejustdandy.blogspot.com/2011/08/writing-prompts-little-d-visits-cliffs.html

  3. I don't quite know what to say about that last outfit of yours ;) Looking at old pictures is the best.

  4. These are amazing! I am quite sure that I outdid you though on my first trip o London. DEARIE--- Why did people let us dress the way we did?!? Oh yes, the 90s....

  5. I would have KILLED for the white and gold tracksuit as a kid
    Hot, Lauren!

  6. You are adorable... both then and now!! Love this post. xo

  7. Love your new design too... striking! xo

  8. Great photos, I esp love the chipmunk cheek one : ) Nothing beats old pictures!

  9. I'm loving that track suit! Those were not good years for fashion- I'm glad to have also been a kid so we can laugh & pretend we didn't know better :)

    Such a cute post!

  10. Oh I love it! You were absolutely adorable!!!! This was such a fun post!

  11. This was so fun! excellent idea!

  12. Haha, that sweatshirt is great. My mom had very similar ones!

  13. The fashion trends in these pictures are hysterical. scrunchies, visors, fanny packs, oh my!

  14. I love these! Thanks for being brave enough to share. My old photos are horrendous!


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